When you join the WRTA you’ll team up with the apex predators of cryptocurrency markets and make a killing regardless of whether the market rises or falls. Even if you know nothing about trading, we’ll show you how to generate the same phenomenal returns that we’ve been enjoying for months.

I joined the Trading Academy about a week ago and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. The community is extremely helpful in strengthening your investment knowledge and providing a support group. I highly recommend this product as it will almost certainly increase your net worth. Trust the process.

Aubrey Lipscomb III



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People are like sheep.

They move with the flock and do the same dumb, predictable things …
… if you can understand them, and anticipate their next move, making money in business is child’s play.

Yes, you read that right.

There is always a WOLF who is making a literal killing off the STUPIDITY of the masses.

Well guess what?

It’s the same with financial markets – they’re populated by sheep.

And there’s no fatter, juicer prey right now than in the crypto markets.

You’ve seen it already …
… every fool and his mum and dad are piling in, trying to get a piece of the action.

They’re LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER for the wolves.

Ok … I know what you’re thinking …
… alright smart guy, why have I never seen or heard about these apex predators?

Well that’s easy. They keep a very low profile.

And SO WOULD YOU if you were making OBSCENE amounts of money off the stupidity of others.

Look, let me ask you one question.

Do you want to be a sheep all your life, or do you want to run with the wolf pack?

It’s not a difficult one is it …

… but I have some bad news for you. It takes many years of time and experience to turn yourself into one of these beasts. I’m guessing you don’t have that long.

There is a SHORTCUT though …
… and you’re only gonna find it in the War Room Trading Academy.

When you join the WRTA our EXPERT MULTIMILLIONAIRE TRADERS do all the hard work for you.

We analyse cryptocurrency trends and formulate market-beating trading strategies. Our track record is impeccable – consistent month-on-month returns.

Every time we execute a trade we MESSAGE YOU INSTANTLY so you can COPY EXACTLY WHAT WE DO. We make money. You make money.

It couldn’t be easier.


  • Real-time access to our trading orders
  • Lessons on technical analysis, margin trading and other strategies
  • Exclusive streams and posts so you can understand how we consistently beat the market

It’s not unusual for members to pay off the costs of the course in LESS THAN A DAY.

BUT be aware, this offer is not forever.

The WRTA is filling up and we’re getting close to max capacity. Your window of time for taking action is starting to close …

… in fact, it may not be long before I take this offer down … so I’ll leave you with this thought …

We’re at an UNPRECEDENTED moment in history.

Digital currencies are going mainstream. They’re changing finance in the same way that the internet revolutionised communication and information sharing in the mid-90s.

This truly is a ONCE IN A GENERATION opportunity.

Enormous sums of wealth will be made in crypto over the coming months and years …
… make sure you don’t miss the boat.

I bought this program 3 weeks ago. In that time I’ve almost doubled my original investment, plus earned back the cost of the course. This is insane. WRTA is the real deal, copy and paste trades from one of the best crypto traders in the world. Anybody can do this. Stop procrastinating and get this course now.

Joe Miller


Mastermind with other trading academy members.

You’ll be invited into our private Telegram group with the Tate brothers and seasoned market veterans from around the world.

Here you can share experiences from the markets and soak up advice from some of the most formidable players in the game.

When you learn to think EXACTLY like the guys at the top of the food chain, your path to wealth will be turbo-charged.
As I’m fond of saying, if you were in a group of 100 ice cream experts, constantly talking shop, you’d learn a ton of stuff about how to make ice cream.


1. I’ve never traded anything before, will I be out of my depth?
Absolutely not. You’ll get a FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL which explains everything from where and how to make your trading accounts, through to how to place trades and collect money. Then you simply wait for our messages, copy what we do and watch the money come in.

2. What should I do if I don’t have a large stash of crypto?
It makes no difference if you have 100 dollars’ worth or 1 million. You’ll make the same % return. You can still follow our expert traders and mimic our proven trading strategies.

3. I have a busy schedule – how much of my time will this take up?
So do we. We’re not using trading bots and certainly won’t be sending hundreds of orders per week. Our trades are carefully thought out and we’ll give you the full explanation behind them. All you need to do is place a couple of trades a day from your mobile. That’s less than 10 minutes work. Just wait for our message.

4. Can you guarantee that this will work?
Check our testimonials. We are trading a multi-million dollar portfolio and have as much skin in the game as (and probably more than) you. We’re determined that every single trade WINS for our OWN profits. We can’t succeed if you don’t. And to make sure that we do, our trades are always placed with the most in-depth analysis and market knowledge.

5. Can I still trade if crypto markets are falling?
Yes, of course. Rising or falling … it doesn’t make any difference. We still make HUGE profits. In fact, some of our best months ever have been when the markets were tumbling. By identifying signals of weakness and strength we can increase your stash of coins when the market is in decline. And when the price rises again, you’ll have doubled your money.

Trust in Tate.



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