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If you were in a group of 100 ice cream experts constantly talking about ice-cream, you’d learn a lot about how to make ice-cream.


Network with other Gs already making big money in the war room.


war is happening. The war on masculinity. The war on the west. The war on being an alpha male. I don’t need to tell you this. You know this already. But you don’t know what I know…

As many of you know, I have been de-platformed at every possibility by the silicone valley social justice warriors.

I lost my verified twitter handle @cobratate with 60k followers.

Banned on 3 twitters since, with a combined following of 40k.

Banned on Facebook.

Warning messages appear on every video I produce for youtube and I am one strike away from a permanent BAN.

My crime?
TELLING THE TRUTH. I was EFFECTIVE at fighting back against the machine minds attempting to conquer us. So they SILENCED ME.

The fact they are so desperate to silence me proves the things I say are worthwhile. We are living in the matrix and the machines do not want you to swallow the RED PILL.

What is frustrating about this is that I’m actually already censoring MYSELF. To even stand a chance of existing, I tell 30% of what I know. Of what I’ve seen. Of what I have PROOF for.

I’ve decided to create an exclusive members club for 3 reasons.

  1. 1) Soon, it will not be possible to find me outside of the WAR ROOM.
  2. 2) I am tired of self-censoring. And I want to create a space where I can tell the HARD TRUTH I am not allowed to tell. The truths about topics which are forbidden to discuss.
  3. 3) I have many personal stories and reels of sensitive information which Is not fit for public consumption. My logic was formed through the cold fusion of a harsh reality. Reality is as real as it gets. And there’s something I want to share with you which I can not allow to end up in newspapers or all over the internet.

These things will only exist inside of the WAR ROOM.

I am unafraid to be the bad guy. I’ve been labeled racist, sexist, misogynist etc. I’ve been in national newspapers for my opinions on depression or date rape. And ive only been expressing a fraction of what I really know.

As a professional fighter with no corporate overlord, a bad reputation hasn’t hurt me much outside of personal death threats.

However – I’ve only shared a small fraction of what I really need to say. And I’ve decided to keep these truths for a small selection of men who are intelligent enough to handle them. And strong enough to accept them.

You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it

This group is for the people who are ready to LEAVE the matrix.


What’s included in this membership:

– Access to the war room page on www.CobraTate.com
– A weekly podcast which can be listened too only once before itself destroys.
– A brutal insight into the most controversial topics of our time.
– Interviews with my girlfriends to understand a female perspective on my ruthlessly efficient game.
– A 10% discount code for any other product from the CobraTate store.
– Direct access to Andrew Tate via email.
– 1-hour skype calls a month to discuss any topic.
– Invite to the twice-yearly WAR ROOM events which will be held in luxury accommodations across the world.

Exclusive videos and pictures. Ever seen the inside of a street pimps birthday party?

This cannot be shown on normal “social” media.

– Interviews and stories from personal friends including active and retired mafia bosses, and corrupt politicians.

These are the people I hang around with on a daily basis in Ukraine, Moldova etc. They have a lot to say, I assure you.

An exclusive breakdown of how I got the 22 women to get a Tattoo of my name. One by one, how i did it. And how you can achieve the same thing.

In the global battlefield, attractive women are becoming the most important currency. As the general masses fail to achieve relationships with females, the power and influence of a beauty queen increase exponentially.

Your women must remain yours – FOREVER.

They are an asset. RETAIN THEM.

I am building an army.

The gentleman in my war room are the special forces.

They know the most, they understand the most, we meet in exclusive places and do exclusive things.

Most importantly – It is these gentlemen which are FULLY PREPARED FOR WAR

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    aaryningen (verified owner)

    This is where millionaires hand out free advice to newbies in real time – you get to eavesdrop, ask questions and get answers on what the rich actually do to get and stay rich. No matter if you’re already a millionaire, or you’ve made some money but want to make more OR a broke hustler (aka. Future Millionaire), this is the place to hang out. But a fair word of warning: it ain’t for quitters.

    If you want to break free from your 9-5 and say farewell to your old boss, while mercilessly laughing all the way to the bank and drive fast cars as well as digesting some unpleasant yet necessary truths on how the world works – The War Room is the place to go!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    shanroyhe (verified owner)

    Totally changed my life. Do not feel lonely (because I am the only one seeking self improvement in my real life) anymore. Lots of Gs offering valuable takes.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Or7756 (verified owner)

    Any man on a journey of self improvement is probably alone and in search of like minded individuals.
    The War Room is where we all gather together and lift each other up.

    Helping each other make more money.
    Get women.

    Ever chatted with a girl , didn’t know what to say and wished you had some Chad friend who could help you with instead of your dork friends?
    In the War Room you’d get immediate response from other G’s and even the Big G himself.

    Worth every damn penny.

    To be honest, I’m actually afraid it’ll grow too much to the point it loses uniqueness.

    Should say for G’s only!

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