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£1297 for an Annual Subscription

The war room is an exclusive members-only club with 11 verified millionaires and many new on the path to financial freedom.



If you were in a group of 100 ice cream experts constantly talking about ice-cream, you’d learn a lot about how to make ice-cream.




The war room is an exclusive members-only club with 11 verified millionaires and many new on the path to financial freedom.

The war room contains 11 verified millionaires earning money from:

Webcam girls (see here)
Amazon marketing
Drop shipping
Online Consulting

And many other online income systems, constant speaking and teaching its members tips and tricks to build a 6 figure income purely online.

I’ll say it again.

If you were in a group of 100 ice cream experts constantly talking about ice-cream, you’d learn a lot about how to make ice-cream.


You do not need to be on the path to riches to join, you simply need to be open and ready to learn from the best and be prepared to implement their strategy to online income.

START with a side hussle
FINISH a millionaire.

The war room gives you everything you need to begin making money online:

The IDEAS which have been proven to work. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, Starbucks is only a coffee shop. You can take existing ideas and implement them for guaranteed income.

The HELP you need with direct access to millionaires and Andrew Tate himself to ensure you have instant advice 24 hours a day.

The MINDSET it takes to succeed, seeing others who started from your position change their lives in a few short weeks will inspire you to do all that it takes to become financially free.


Money provides you the ability to eat sleep drink drive go do ANYTHING you want.

This group is for people who have the drive and hunger.

The people who WANT to be rich and understand how much better life could be but are looking for mentoring to make it happen.






The war room has a private channel where VIDEO is broadcast to WAR ROOM members ONLY.

This includes live webinars on how to make money as well as exclusive private parties, driving supercars through the alps and more.

This channel is completely secure and will show money making tips plus content which cant be seen anywhere else.


Membership includes invites to the twice-yearly WAR ROOM events which will be held in luxury accommodations across the world.




22 reviews for War Room

  1. aaryningen (verified owner)

    This is where millionaires hand out free advice to newbies in real time – you get to eavesdrop, ask questions and get answers on what the rich actually do to get and stay rich. No matter if you’re already a millionaire, or you’ve made some money but want to make more OR a broke hustler (aka. Future Millionaire), this is the place to hang out. But a fair word of warning: it ain’t for quitters.

    If you want to break free from your 9-5 and say farewell to your old boss, while mercilessly laughing all the way to the bank and drive fast cars as well as digesting some unpleasant yet necessary truths on how the world works – The War Room is the place to go!

  2. shanroyhe (verified owner)

    Totally changed my life. Do not feel lonely (because I am the only one seeking self improvement in my real life) anymore. Lots of Gs offering valuable takes.

  3. Or7756 (verified owner)

    Any man on a journey of self improvement is probably alone and in search of like minded individuals.
    The War Room is where we all gather together and lift each other up.

    Helping each other make more money.
    Get women.

    Ever chatted with a girl , didn’t know what to say and wished you had some Chad friend who could help you with instead of your dork friends?
    In the War Room you’d get immediate response from other G’s and even the Big G himself.

    Worth every damn penny.

    To be honest, I’m actually afraid it’ll grow too much to the point it loses uniqueness.

    Should say for G’s only!

  4. bowe96 (verified owner)

    Easily the best purchase of my Life. Male spaces have been suffering a relentless onslaught. In this maelstrom of derision and hate is a beacon.

    After I bought the Art of Attracting Women Course and saw just how effective it was, I knew I needed into the #WarRoom

    I was not disappointed, you can’t comprehend the amount of focus and determination you get from daily interaction with over 100 guys who are out to take over the world.

    I’ve gone from over thinking life, being comfortable and frankly boring, back to my younger self. Back to thriving on execution.

    I’ve commanded aircraft on all 7 continents, 2 war zones and have over 1600 flight hours in combat. The ability to solve any problem and execute decisions with ease was like a drug. I lost that drive when I became a civilian, but now it’s back and I love it!

    Whatever it is that you need, the War Room provides. There is an expert on what you are looking for just a text away. I needed a website and it’ll be done by the end of the week. You now “Have a guy for that”

    It is said that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Frankly, the War Room is a cheat code. You get to be the average of over a hundred exceptional men.

    You need this.

  5. Dylan Madden (verified owner)

    Since joining the War Room my income has gone up (screenshots available). Not only that but I’ve linked up with the Tate’s and a few other members offline. Daily we talk about getting real world results in the form of money, women, and mastering your mind.

    Outside of the money and other things. The BIGGEST thing that you’ll get from this group is reprogramming your mind. While most groups are full of losers with nothing going on. We’ve got millionaire’s and other guys on the rise.

    So if you’re hungry for rapidly changing your reality, join us in the War Room today.

  6. 78tomas.marcin (verified owner)

    I would advise anybody who is serious about improving his life to join the War Room.
    You will make more money than before, acquire the mindset necessary to succeed, improve your dating life and develop friendships with people that are on the same page as you.
    If you will have questions, guys with actual experiences will give you non-BS, straight to the point advice.
    Surround yourself with the right people, and take your life to the next level!

  7. cory.pollock7 (verified owner)

    The value that is within the war room exceeds the cost exponentially. You will be connected with a multitude of likeminded individuals that are hungry to advance in life.
    Want to start a business? need advice? Multiple business men are in here to help you, give you sound counsel or encouraging words. No one is in here to waste time. Link up with entrepreneurs who are close to so you can wargame new ways and idea to scale your wealth. We are legion, and we are here to win.
    The opportunities are only limited by your actions and imagination. Do you want to succeed in life? Do you want to surround yourself with those that succeed? Then stop wasting your time. Join the War Room.

  8. justinsattiewhite (verified owner)

    Joining the War Room is the best investment I’ve ever made. A group full of individuals who all want to grow and succeed. A network with certified millionaires who will gladly give you advice in all of your endeavors. No other group is consistently talking about making money all day everyday. There are Gs here making money implementing advice given from the Big Gs who are already successful doing it. They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. With over 300 members including the Tate brothers and other big names, you are pretty much setting yourself up for success. The only requirement is complete effort and hard work. Change your life now!

  9. Kevin Greenway (verified owner)

    When you know you’re in the right place at the right time. #NoBrainer

  10. Logan Love (verified owner)

    “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
    ― Jim Rohn

    The War Room has been one of the best investments for self-improvement I’ve made thus far.
    Within the first day of joining, I witnessed incredible value and knowledge being provided in front of my very eyes.
    Everything from women, money, fitness, and more. It’s all discussed here daily.

    If you are serious about improving your life, look no further.
    This is the real deal.

    Join us now.

  11. Jacob Wohl (verified owner)

    Do you talk to dozens of multi-millionaires every day? Not just talking nonsense, I mean actual business? “Do X. Do Y. Do Z.”

    If not, why not?

    Get in the war room and start winning. In my case, it paid for itself after approximately 6 hours.

  12. Nikita Fedans (verified owner)

    The WarRoom will change your life. Get in while you can.

  13. georgi1921 (verified owner)

    You remember how you’ve been told throughout your life that nobody wants you to succeed and if they fail they want to bring you down with them??
    The war room is the exact opposite. Nowhere else will you find individuals who will tell you exactly what to do to make money and exactly how to do it without expecting anything in return but your success.

  14. Luke Freeman (verified owner)


    That’s all that the War Room is. It’s a network.
    There’s programmers, business owners, drop shippers, copywriters, authors, film makers, pilots, farmers, real estate agents, mechanics..
    ALL of them serious about making CASH TODAY.

    If you want to learn what really makes money in this world, join.
    You’ll hear what actually works, you’ll hear the questions these professionals ask, you’ll see the connections being made.
    All of it resulting in CASH TODAY.

    I’ve found 3 consulting jobs, and 2 freelance programming jobs.
    I’ve made over 5k from the war room.

    I’ve seen offers to manage pre-made online businesses,
    I’ve seen the beginning of now profitable businesses.

    This is not even mentioning the PhD stuff, the Webcamming stuff, the content and value posted in the War Room.
    The War Room is a filter, it filters out everything that won’t benefit your life.
    Distilled raw PRACTICAL information.

  15. derek (verified owner)

    The War Room is excellent. Tons of information EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is a constant flow of focus, motivation, ideas, action, and like-minded people. Information flows 24 hours a day.

  16. Anthony Padron (verified owner)

    Okay so for the War Room here is what will happen. You will be given everything needed to become a G and know what it means to be one. Once inside time will begin to slow down as you read and learn from all of the different topics. You will begin to understand how to make yourself better and how to get out of your personal situation and get into a better one immediately. Give it a few months and you will thank yourself for trusting me.

  17. Atsatsa Antonio (verified owner)

    Everything of EXCELLENCE is built upon in the WAR-ROOM !!!

    Anybody who was NOT born into money or DOESN’T associate with wealthy people, NEEDS THE WAR-ROOM… if they want to achieve any measure of SUCCESS.

    BEST investment of my LIFE…

  18. therootbridge (verified owner)

    Looking to eventually quit your 9-to-5?

    Looking to make more money?

    Need mentorship from verified multimillionaires?

    These are just a few things you get out of the War Room.

    If you’re on a journey to making the most you’ve ever made, and looking for a network where you can talk all about that mission all day, this is it.

    One other thing, the price you see above right now is only a fraction of what this should be worth. The amount of value you get is just absolutely astounding.

    Get in while you can.

  19. ajpiez9418 (verified owner)

    Okay I’m gonna keep it straight to my point. The reason why I joined the WAR ROOM is because I could clearly see joining would add even more value and go in-depth further upon the information put down in the other courses I had consumed. Like for example, the PHD course. You get to talk with real men and get advice on real world scenarios. Women, money, fitness, you name it. The WAR ROOM has anything you could ever need in the information world. I knew this would upgrade my life. It will do that for you also

  20. savas93 (verified owner)

    The war room is perfect for individuals who seek a purpose in life or seek to upgrade it. Joining will give you knowledge and understanding of the world and where a man fits. You’ll naturally want to upgrade your life to keep up with everyone. You’ll make lifelong connections and friends you’ll never thought possible.

  21. James Averiss (verified owner)

    The sheer content that is shown within the War room is eye opening! Every single day since I have been a member of the war room, the knowledge shared has more value than any other course, program or whatever there is out there. This is real deal stuff with members constantly showing their progress with receipts, which makes you want to up your game so you can start sharing them with everyone else! My advice is get into the war room, be patient, be open to learn new ideas you probably never thought of and make the most of it to upgrade your life!

  22. ajh3guitarist (verified owner)

    Hands down THE BEST place to amplify and accelerate your life.

    Fitness? Check.
    Women? Check.
    Money? Check.

    If you are in need of upgrading your physical fitness, mental fitness, and mindset… You WILL find it in the War Room.
    If you are in need of upgrading your ability to gain and retain women… You WILL find it in the War Room
    If you are in need of upgrading your income and network… You WILL find it in the War Room.

    In only four months I have gained more muscle, tapped into near limitless motivation, gained loyal girlfriends, made more money, traveled the world, and given my life more focus and purpose. My best friends and brothers are here in the War Room.

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