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Join the WRTA, get instant access to our tutorials on how to follow our trades and begin right away. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never traded before or have been trading for years – since we started our portfolio we have seen fantastic returns. Its now your turn to grow your crypto portfolio with the WRTA.



Joining WRTA is very simple.

You will gain INSTANT ACCESS to the WAR ROOM TRADING ACADEMY. Quick Summary: We complete all of the analysis and place trades. Our teams trading history is impeccable, proving month on month returns. Every time we place a trade, we message you INSTANTLY and tell you WHAT we bought, WHERE. When we sell, we do the exact same things.

You simply COPY WHAT WE DO EXACTLY. WE make 100% profit. YOU make 100% profit. COPY MULTIMILLIONAIRE TRADERS.


▪ Access to the full info on all of our team’s analysis and trades.
▪ EXCLUSIVE VIP content pieces on learning margin trading strategies for those unfamiliar.
▪ Lessons on Technical Analysis and understanding the game of trading.
▪ Some members pay off our cost in under a day!
▪ Exclusive streams covering in-depth analysis and strategies for how to game the market
▪ All posts are explained fully to help you understand, so you can build your analysis skills to do this on your own.

Join the WRTA, get instant access to our tutorials on how to follow our trades and begin right away. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never traded before or have been trading for years – since we started our portfolio we have seen fantastic returns.

Mastermind With Other Trading Academy Members.
You’ll be invited to a private Telegram group with the other Trading members, and the Tate brothers…

Here you can discuss wins, and the rare loss with others.

And most of all?

Network with like minded individuals.

The more people you know who think EXACTLY like you, the faster your journey to wealth will be.

I often say; If you were in a group of 100 ice cream experts constantly talking about ice-cream, you’d learn a lot about how to make ice-cream.


A group like this is truly invaluable, but you get it for free.

You profit or I work with you until you do. As long as you can show me you’re following the system, if for any reason we don’t recoup your initial investment after the year, I’ll continue to work with you until you do…no matter how long it takes.I am a man of honour. My stuff works! If there’s a screw up, I’ll stay committed to getting you a fantastic ROI as long as you remain committed.

Trust In Tate,


1. I’ve never done this before, I don’t know how to trade?
You get a FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL video when you begin your first month. Explaining everything from where and how to make your trading accounts, through to how to place trades and collect money. Then you simply wait for our messages, copy what we do, and GROW YOUR NETWORTH!

2. I want to do this, but I don’t have much crypto?
It doesn’t matter if you have 100 dollars or 1,000,000 dollars. We will be gaining in %. You can still follow our expert traders exactly, and when we gain a 10% return – so will you!

3. I want to do this, but I’m very busy. How much time does it take?
So are we. And we don’t use trading bots. This will not be hundreds or thousands of trades a week. We analyse market trends and charts and place trades giving you full reasoning why we are placing our trades. You will be able to place a couple of trades a day from your mobile, even during your day job. Just wait for our message. 10mins a day total work placing trades and collecting your returns.

4. How do I have guarantees this will work?
Check our testimonials. We are trading with a multi-million dollar portfolio. We want every single trade to WIN for our OWN profits.

There is no way we can succeed without you succeeding, that’s how you know our trades are always placed with the most in-depth analysis and market knowledge.

5. Should I still trade if Crypto is down?
Yes. It doesn’t matter if crypto is traveling up or down, we STILL make money trading. Some of our best ever months have been when crypto was falling. Even if the dollar value of crypto is decreasing, we can INCREASE your number of crypto coins. Turn 1 bitcoin into 2 bitcoins. And when the price rises again, you will have double the money.

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4 reviews for War Room Trading Academy Membership

  1. Joe Miller (verified owner)

    I bought this program 3 weeks ago. In that time I’ve almost doubled my original investment, plus earned back the cost of the course. This is insane. WRTA is the real deal, copy and paste trades from one of the best crypto traders in the world. Anybody can do this. Stop procrastinating and get this course now

  2. Welsh (verified owner)

    Excellent system
    Unbeatable value

  3. E (verified owner)

    Wonderful purchase. Glad I made the right choice. WRTA is no joke. Buy this course ASAP!!!!

  4. shanroyhe (verified owner)

    I have enrolled in a one-month membership to have a taste and it turns out to be good. And then Tate and the crypto team launched this. The signals they posted have multiplied my account several times in this very short period of time. Their posts are in time and easy to copy. Straight to the point and effective, as Tate’s other products.

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