The Real World


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The Real World


The Matrix wants you poor, weak, alone and complacent.

When a powerful force like Andrew Tate tries to wake you up, the Matrix attempts to erase him.

It's time to wake up, Neo. You must become rich, strong, well-connected, with a soul of fire.

We are opening a mass portal to escape slavery.

THE REAL WORLD is a community, a membership, an educational platform, it's a way out.

THE REAL WORLD launches on November 14th, at a monthly membership cost of $149.

But today?

You can purchase a golden ticket.

This ticket costs $19.

This ticket secures your membership to The Real World at the discounted monthly membership price of $49.

We have spent months in development and the portal opens soon.

Secure your $100 discount with a $19 payment today while tickets are still available.

THE REAL WORLD launches November 14th.

The choice is yours, Neo.

Do you want to escape or not?

- Andrew Tate AKA: Morpheus