Operator Tactical Training

£8,999 per person

It’s the dead of night.
You’re in your 4×4, racing past enemy territory, pedal to the floor.

Another ten minutes and you’ll reach the checkpoint …… when BAM!
Two armored vehicles ambush you from the front and another one rams you from behind.

Before you can even think you’re surrounded…
… miles from anywhere and with no available cover.

One wrong move and you’re DEAD.

What do you do? Do you freeze?

Or do you slide your hand behind the seat … until you feel the cold steel of your rifle…

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Cobratate.com is proud to offer our clients the ULTIMATE in tactical combat training.

Real-world, operationally proven weapons, and tactics training. Rapid skills acquisition. Put into practice with exercises based on private security contractor scenarios. No nonsense, no hype. Just a level of personalized, immersive training not offered anywhere else on the planet.

Upon touching down in Kiev you – and your trusted group of associates – will be escorted to a good standard, low profile, secure apartment in the center of the city.

At this point, you’ll be issued your equipment and given the mission brief.

Mission: Competence.

★ Three full days of firearms and tactics training. Hit the range at 8 am for 8 hours each day.
★ All instructors are highly experienced. They include former police, military, and special forces personnel.
★ We’ll build your weapons skills with pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles…
★ … then test them in advanced scenario exercises…
★ … resulting in you obtaining a wide range of real-world skills via our highly effective training system.
★ You’ll get all of this. And more. With our compliments.

You cover your flight in and out. We provide everything else.

★ A high amount of ammo (up to 500 rounds per person per day) and daily weapons hire.
★ All equipment rental – chest rigs, weapon slings, gun belts and holsters, gloves, eye and ear protection.
★ Centre of the city apartment.
★ Airport meets and greet.
★ Access to, and transportation to and from, the private training facility each day.
★ High-quality videos and photos of your group in action.

★ All of the above.
★ Professional standard video production and editing, resulting in at least two 60 second action film style clips.
★ The Tate Brother’s / War Room Head of Security will personally attend to direct all training and exercises. He is an industry leading high threat specialist, with public and private sector experience working on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan and others. His presence enables the most advanced scenario exercises realistically possible.

★ Custom patches with your chosen ‘Call Sign’ to display on your plate carrier, plus – upon successful completion of scenario exercises – a personalized challenge coin and mount to take home.

WARNING: This is not simply a day at a firing range. If you want a yippee shoot, look elsewhere. We require hours of intense focus. Your commitment to rapid skills development.

This is the closest thing you’ll find to live, close-quarters combat outside of a WAR ZONE.

It is a truly unique experience. Globally.

There are no civilian accessible,
fully facilitated, ELITE training packages of this caliber anywhere else in the world.

Minimum group size is 2. The ideal is 4 (for small unit tactics).

A vetting process must be completed before you are accepted for combat training of this level.

Due to our accelerated training system, you will leave this experience with a higher level of firearms proficiency that the average law enforcement officer – and therefore you must be vetted as suitable to receive this training.

We operate with a total commitment to safety. All actions are conducted under close supervision by seasoned firearms instructors. You will be required to learn and at all times abide by the four rules of firearms safety. Progression onto advanced drills and scenarios is at the discretion of the head instructor. We utilize a mature, risk-aware learning environment; we expect the exact same from all participants.

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