Governments, companies – it’s all simply people sitting and speaking to one another. The most important institutions on earth are nothing more than conversations between important people.

If you find a way into these circles, it’s near impossible to not become important yourself.

The more important people you know the better quality conversations you can have – and the more important results.

Andrew Tate is from a low-income background and has managed to meet Movie Stars (Idris Elba), Mafia bosses, Political commentators, Journalists, youtube stars, business men and even the SON of the PRESIDENT (Donald Trump Junior)

He did this with a networking method which he developed which allowed him to open dialogue with influential people all across the globe.


The most effective way to contact high-level individuals.

What to say.

What they’re thinking when they first meet you.

How to take advantage of these relationships and more.


Tate went from contacting Donald Trump Junior to having a coffee with him in Trump Tower inside of a week. The level of trust which was built, and the fact that Tate achieved a reply at all is miraculous.

This exact story from start to finish will be explained in every detail as bonus content.


Direct actionable advice that will allow you to start contacting famous people TODAY – and a step by step guide of what you should say depending on your intentions.

Do you want a fan photo or a business investment? We cover it all.


straightforward presentation, solid content


Another excellent course by Tate!

From the first few minutes you know what you're getting. This information is not available anywhere, and if you've been following Tate, you know he's the real deal.

In this course you get a lot of golden nuggets on what is networking, and what you need to do it right. The main effective motivators why someone will refer you to high-level individuals an help you get rich.

You'll learn how to provide value and be liked, to improve your network, get interviews with millionaires, and take your life to the next level.

The right level.

Buy this course, it WILL improve your life.


I purchased Networking Brilliance on pre-order and when it was released it surprisingly became my favorite course by Andrew. If you want to understand the dynamics of networking at low or high levels, then this is the course for you.

As a wise man once said, your network is your net worth.

Your ability to network is essential to becoming successful. And this course teaches you exactly how to do just that.


There's plenty of "networking" books and materials out there.

Most with the typical fluff and filler crap you'd find consistently from those generic, so-called "experts".

Tate's stuff is not generic or fluff.

The package you get is raw goodness from end-to-end.

The lessons you get out of this course cannot be discovered elsewhere. At least, none that I have found.

Tate's reputation alone shows you the effectiveness of his networking skills.

The man knows celebrities, politicians, powerful people, and he has pictures and brief dialogue to show for it.

Every one of Andrew's courses I have is extremely practical and doesn't bore you with theory or pointless babbling. Straight to the point, extremely effective when applied properly, and, for the Networking course specifically, can help you with several things:

- Connecting with more powerful people
- Asking for a pay raise
- Drastically increasing the likelihood of that one job you've been working toward
- Increasing levels of trust with people you meet earlier on

Buy it today before he raises a price. The value you will get out of this course is more than what you will pay for it.



Money very, very well spent.

After the first video it was like wearing glasses for the first time - holy shit I can see. I started noticing the stuff he talks about EVERYWHERE - people below me, alongside me, and over me.

Course covers:

- what are people thinking when you reach out to them
- the realities of networking (cost and opportunity)
- how to not fuck it up
- as always, backed up with real life experience (stories are shared, including meeting with Trump, Jr.)
- Tate teaches the rules of the game, not just rules that only work in some situations

Luke Freeman


That's all that the War Room is. It's a network.
There's programmers, business owners, drop shippers, copywriters, authors, film makers, pilots, farmers, real estate agents, mechanics..
ALL of them serious about making CASH TODAY.

If you want to learn what really makes money in this world, join.
You'll hear what actually works, you'll hear the questions these professionals ask, you'll see the connections being made.
All of it resulting in CASH TODAY.

I've found 3 consulting jobs, and 2 freelance programming jobs.
I've made over 5k from the war room.

I've seen offers to manage pre-made online businesses,
I've seen the beginning of now profitable businesses.

This is not even mentioning the PhD stuff, the Webcamming stuff, the content and value posted in the War Room.
The War Room is a filter, it filters out everything that won't benefit your life.
Distilled raw PRACTICAL information.


In the last month I've been to two events.

The first I got one new client.

I bought this course three days before my second event. Left the event with three new clients.

Tate delivers again.

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