Master Chess

£ 197.00 GBP

In this crash course for beginners, Tate and international master Erik Kislick teach you everything from how to move the pieces right up to how to trap a queen and conquer the world.

Master Chess

Chess applies perfectly to life.

Arrange your pieces to create a position of strength and ensure you survive and prosper.

In this crash course for beginners, Tate and international master Erik Kislick teach you everything from how to move the pieces right up to how to trap a queen and conquer the world.

Andrew Tate’s father Emory Tate was a master chess player and Andrew himself was state chess champion (Indiana) at only 5 years old.

This course includes over 2 and a half hours of detailed modular content and demonstrations.

What’s included:
– Introduction and Part 1 – The Team
– Part 2 – Moving Pieces
– Part 3 – Checkmates
– Part 4 – Trapping your B**
– Part 5 – Do Not Leave a Man Behind
– Part 6 – Take Free S***

The international master Erik Kislick usually charges 200 dollars an hour for lessons, in this course you get over 6 hours of lessons for half of that price!


Become more strategic, more cunning and WIN.


Valuable lessons from a chess Master (a friend of Tate). Important lessons and also beginner-friendly.


I knew chess before - but never had it explained quite like this! Amazing value, excellent structure training you from simple to advancedly complicated - and a great straightforward instruction for beating your opponents on the chess board and life. I was willing to teach my son to play chess, and now have the ideal guide to set him on the right course for life.


Just began acting on my desire to be a chess master at the start of January and i was pretty bad. Bought this course on February 22 and i've done a complete 180. I am 1000% more confident in my moves because Erik explained everything so well. I choose my moves 1000% quicker, maybe even higher, 2000%. Also, while writing this review i realized a parallel between life and chess.

When you're more confident in your move (a decision) then you'll make the move quick (not procrastinate). When you make the move quick (not procrastinating), you can play more Chess games (accomplish more with your LIMITED time on Planet Earth).

Thank you Erik & Andrew *two thumbs up*


Andrew’s Chess Course has hours of knowledge that will help anyone from the Beginner to Advanced student elevate their game to the next level. It is taught by Chess Master Eric Kislic in a very easy to understand manner.

Not only does it teach you specific moves and strategies, Eric also gives you exercersises you can practice on your own to improve your Chess skills.

If you’re a complete beginner looking to get into Chess (who’s maybe played once or twice as a kid) like I was, then I highly recommend this course to you. As it will give you a complete understanding of the basics of the game with a layered approach. Each module builds on the previous. And you can watch this course again and again and again and keep learning.

Buy. Watch. Apply. And your game will improve dramatically.

You are getting taught by a Chess Master.

P.S. This will also spill into other areas of life and your view of the world will also change for the better, in a way that empowers you and makes you more effective. Trust me.


I'm a chess beginner. Chess is pure logic. This course teaches you everything you need to know to become a great player. This logic translates to real life. Always thinking multiples steps ahead. Be aware of the present but also think ahead, this will get you very far. Everything you do will be calculated.


I played chess when I was a kid, loved the game but had no one to play with or teach me, so I stopped for many years.

I started playing again and learned from some free chess sites but the dorks are all theory and drills but no tactics! I bought this course and played games concurrently in-between lessons to maximize my ROI. Right away I noticed there is a HUGE difference in how I see the game.

You see, the chess dorks speak in a weird lingo that makes the game harder than it actually is. Erik speaks in a way you can understand and relate to. The best part is, you get to see the moves of Champions, Masters, and Grandmasters and apply them yourself, right away.

No bullshit: best 197 pounds I've ever spent.

George SL

Only Andrew can show you why chess is very important to your life. Search for his videos about it. Then go on and buy this great, dense course and start today. Get used to the stress of the game and keep leveling up.

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