Making Money in De-Fi

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You'll get a full explanation of what De-Fi is and how to make money using it. Welcome to the Dot Com bubble before most people even knew about the internet, it's time to get rich.

   Since July, I’ve made 10x my entire Crypto portfolio.

   The future has been here since July and you’re late, but also extremely early.

   If you’re reading this right now and think you know what’s been happening with crypto, you’re going to be surprised.

   I’ve been in this game since July 2020, the game was invented in May 2020.

   The game is Decentralized Finance.


   This is where the real money is made in crypto. Look at these charts:


   Look them all up, you can find their prices in

   They were obviously going to go up, it was literally inevitable, yes, inevitable.

   To people who don't know the game, they're just some random ALTs that are among 1000s of other coins.

   Everyone who’s been in this game knew they were going to sky rocket, it was literally inevitable.


   Because they offer ways to make huge returns using their protocols. Yield farming, automated arbitrage, fixed rate deposits, funds allocations, permission less derivative exchanges.

   Sorry, I’m starting to get ahead of myself.

   I explain the whole Wild West in this course, Making Money in De-Fi.

   Here's what you get with the guide:

  •        Full Tutorial on Metamask
  •        My experience and history in De-Fi (All the projects I've gone through, why I left certain projects, etc)
  •        The major players in De-Fi
  •        Decentralized Exchanges, and Decentralized Lending Protocols explained
  •        Risks of yield farming
  • Customized strategies based on you (This is how you make big money even with only $100)
  •        Who to follow on Twitter
  •        Using FTX to make money with your De-Fi knowledge and very little capital
  • Risk Management

   And much more!

   This guide is made for people with zero crypto experience at all, and for experts in the game who want my views, analysis, and philosophy on the De-Fi game.

   De-Fi only 8 months old, and it’s only just beginning.

   It can be confusing to most at first glance (have fun googling it yourself lol), but that's why I made this guide.

   If you’re reading this, you’re still early, and you’re going to become a VERY rich man with very little capital over this next year.

   Welcome to the Dot com bubble before anyone even knew what the internet was.

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Overall, the guide provides as advertised, plus bonuses. It gives an easy-to-understand breakdown of what defi is and how it works, as well as an overview of the defi landscape and various investment opportunities. For me, the value in the guide lies in how it breaks down different investment types and identifies strategies to use for each type of investment. The guide makes it easy to understand why particular strategies succeed or fail, and it explores different strategies at different investment levels which adds another level of clarity. Further, Mr. Tate provides a treasure trove of principles/rules-of-thumb/approaches/attitudes to apply while investing in defi. I will say this as a bit of a disclaimer/reality check. The strategies provided in the guide require that you put in your own work and research. Mr. Tate may tell you 'the how', but you still have to implement 'the how' yourself. The guide is not a means of avoiding work, but it explains how to be effective and smart in your work so that it will actually pay-off. Then you can take your profits and pay your way into his trading group like I plan to do.
A comprehensive guide boiled down to the most exclusive points needed in order to succeed in the De-Fi world, where money making has only just begun. Andrew allows you to target your invest based on the varying capital brackets you have, from as little as $100 to as high as over $100k. Whatever your needs, this guide has it for you with the emergency emails being included as a bonus. Lets get this money.
Dave A
Honestly, worth the money just in time saved alone. A very good way to earn extra money but could very easily become your main income stream.
The guide is full of great information and everything is explained step by step. It saved me a lot of time and research to get into crypto. The most valuable part to me is the list of "who to follow", lots of knowledge to be found there. The updates are a nice addition too.
Harry Drake
Great course. Really lays everything out. Goes deep into DeFi. Great way to up your income level.
Kevin R.
I started in crypto with no knowledge and with this book and the resources in the War Room, more than doubled my investment in two months. This has what you need to get started in decentralized finance early in the game when the big gains are still to be had. You'll learn how to acquire currency, where to trade, where to stake for the best yields, where to stake for the safest yields and some of the best plays out there, and if you're in the War Room, you get access to the experience and knowledge of multiple successful traders sharing ideas. Don't miss this!
Thomas Olsen
If you're reading this then that means you're on the fence about buying this course. And if you're considering buying this course that means you're serious about making money in crypto. Think about it like this, how long will it take you to break-even on the cost of this course? The current price is nothing, it is basically stealing. The information within is completely without fluff and filler. It is concise, to the point and easy to understand both for beginners and pros. Once you have bought the course, do yourself a favor and join the War Room. The value add is beyond explanation. You can't possibly match the research done within yourself - and that means money lost, opportunities never seized and in the end - money that could have been in your pocket, now in someone else's pocket, and you don't want that do you?
Valiant Thor
If you are willing to put in the time to thoroughly read this guide it will be an invaluable introduction to what is currently a booming market. HINT - be willing to put in the time. BE A MAN OF ACTION.
This course provides an easy to understand guide to making huge amounts of money in DeFi, if you're smart. It's not a 'get rich quick' scheme, but assuming you've got basic intelligence and common sense you will easily make back far more than you spend on this course.
The cost of this course is recovered in the first 24 hours if you pay attention and are serious about making money. I am a successful executive and some might think that I am set for life but always looking for ways to unplug from the matrix and find ways to make money faster. This guide is laid out simply for the HUNGRY. I am most risk averse but this stuff works and guide tells you step by step what to do. I bought undervalued coins first to hold for long term but then finally dove into first liquidity mining project with Tates tip. Needless to say 5k will turn into 15k for me in under a month maybe even more over time. Do yourself and your mama/kids a favor and get it !
If you are new to crypto, this is an excellent guide. Will go into detail about strategies to find profitable projects in defi.
Honestly, everything I've purchased has been high quality. However, since I'm reviewing The DeFi product/guide specifically, I can personally attest to how detailed and well explained it is. I tried to piece together the decentralized finance sector on my own to not much success. This guide is well put together, explained in a manner that simplifies what's happening and how to capitalize on it. Worth every penny and this site is quickly becoming my 'go to' for damned near everything I've questions on: HIGHLY recommend . . .
If you've got little or no background in Defi, this is a fire hose of information. But this is trial by fire. The information contained is invaluable. You're going to have to put in some serious work to get a grasp of this. If you're willing -- reward.
Santiago L
I became interested in DeFi and crypto earlier this year and dabbled in a number of coins and projects. I made some gains here and there but it was Tate's guide that really allowed me to adopt a systematic approach to crypto and defi projects. I've more than covered the cost of course because of this guide and now I've fallen down the crypto rabbit hole. Much appreciated, Tate!
Complete beginner regarding crypto and de-fi. But I trust the Tates, I know they're real, in fact they are THE REAL DEAL. Andrew said I could make money with very little investment so I believed him and tried. I wasn't disappointed. The guide probably is perfectible, but it is regularly improved through updates and precision to address issues that people regularly faces. Not rich yet but I started with only 200€ and already made some profit. If you have some money to invest, buying this and get into crypto and de-fi probably is the best thing you can do.
Andrei A
For me, the De-Fi program changed the way I looked at crypto. At first I was quite scared to invest because of my lack of knowledge, but after buying it, I received the answers for all OF MY ambiguities regarding De-Fi. Its a BARGAIN. BUY IT BEFORE IT'S NOT TO LATE.
Very few people nowadays are truly selling you something valuable, some bullshit 500-1000$ e-commerce course will make you spend much more after with very low rate of success. This course is an A to Z introduction into a world that just begun and you have to take this opportunity, don't expect lambo money with 100$ investment but if you are patient and you make your own research with the info given, you can make more then a living out of it.
I learnt a new profitable skill with this guide. I took a day to read it several times, then went straight into the action. Within few days I turned $200 into $1300 and still up! It feels like hacking the Matrix, a whole world of opportunities opens up with this knowledge.
I thought Crypto was hard and complicated, but as soon as I bought this guide I realised if you have the right strategy you can get lots of money out of it. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to make money!
Nerd Alert
I receive Andrews emails all the time, I enjoy reading them, they make me feel like a loser so it keeps me motivated not to be. I've been trading FX and Crypto since 2017 and already understood De-Fi but I STILL INVESTED in this guide. WHY? Because VALUE COMES FROM NETWORKING and Tates network is shit hot. I'll be honest, the guide could be better written and isn't perfect but frankly, why would Tate care? The guide issues solid value with little nuggets of gold hidden within. You will still need to put time and effort into to understand some of the concepts but with a few hours set aside you can learn a new and profitable skill. If you are an action taker and can handle risk you will easily make back what you pay for this and more. Stop gawping and get it done. Best - Nert Alert
A great guide to delve into the De-Fi world. Lots of helpful tips
This is just an excellent guide that gave me the info I needed to understand De-fi. Plus I haven't seen many other guides that constantly send updates to their section with up-to date information. Currently staking and doing LP with tokens suggested by the guide.
James Q
You might think the price is steep, but if you take the advice in this e-book, you should be able to make it back in no time. I just finished the book, and its quite the whirlwind tour of everything Defi. There is also a ton of links provided, which will keep you busy doing your own research for a while. Something quite unique provided are twitter users to follow, as well as some wallet IDs to track, and tips for dealing with some of the risks involved with crypto generally and defi in particular. Stuff you really can't find elsewhere without a lot of research. There have been 2 updates to the book already and I only bought it a few weeks ago, which shows their commitment to keeping things up to date. You could argue the book needs some formatting, but big deal, you're here for content right? Definitely worth it!
This guide will give you all the tools you need to participate in this modern age gold rush. Except that you are one of the first to know about this goldrush equipped with the tools and knowledge which will save you valuable time as in DeFi you have to be quick. This is a once in a lifetime or even once every 500 year opportunity to completely change the trajectory of your (financial) life. Something you can tell your grandchildren.
R Higgins
Why would anyone buy a series of essays on the recent defi market? It's a reasonable question, but if you've purchased any of Tate's other offerings, you might not be so quick to question. If you've been in crypto for even a short amount of time, you can quickly figure out how crucial having the info to get in on projects before anyone else finds out about them is to making insane profits. Tate isn't kidding. There's still money on the table and folks in the dark on the world of defi. Even if you only had roughly double the cash of the price of this program, its information and breakdown of defi will demystify why everyone is making so much money in order to pay itself off quickly. Some of the best money I've spent this year, hands down.

Would buy this again in a heartbeat. This guide gave me an incredibly solid framework  for building on what I already have going on, and also reaffirmed some of the decisions I had made on my own, making me see the value in certain projects which I had picked out as long term gems to hold. Buy it and you will get way more that what you paid for. Every dealing I’ve had with Tate has exceeded expectations, he rewards people who put in the work and aren’t flakes.

Mike K
I got started in the crypto space in 2017 and missed the biggest gains. I won't be making that mistake again as this DeFi guide will show you exactly how to find the best potential money makers right now. This isn't some crypto 'report' you'll walk away with the understanding of how to make killer gains that are available right now (and various strategies based on the money you have available to invest) This is NOT a "DeFi 101" course - the guide is to show how anyone can make a TON of money (10x gains at least)
Joe Bradley
DeFi opened my eyes. I had no idea about this space before following Tate. Started throwing a little money at Bitcoin. Made over 350% of my investment already, then saw him tweeting about $LINK and threw some money at that, and already up 50% there too. That’s when I bought DeFi. I knew I had to start understanding this space, how to get into these early projects with big potential. It’ll help you get in the game, even with as little as $100. Don’t miss the boat.
Robert W
A comprehensive introduction to the world of DeFi - includes step by step instructions about how to get setup as well as straightforward explanations behind how the different parts of the DeFi system operate. The icing on the course is how to analyze new coins and opportunities and figure out which are better bets. I had previously tried to setup Metamask and get connected into one of the pools and got stuck. This guide got me up and running in a fraction of the time I had previously wasted trying to figure it out on my own.
Nicolás Federico Motzo
I thought I knew about crypto until I bought this. This guide has showed me a world full of opportunities for everyone who’s willing to do a little research every day
MR Tom
A great product unlike anything else out there in the world! Regular updates and a way to make big money fast! What used to take years now takes minutes. Would recommend to all as only a little capital is needed.
Claudiu Rediu
This course gives you the tools to enter an emerging field with huge upside potential. Cryptocurrencies are starting to crack and slowly leak into the mainstream, and I had the chance to enter at a time when you can get the best ROI. The potential is obvious once you explore it using the guide. You can see a lot of rich/influential people are having FUN right now making tons of money based on what their connections are sharing with them. Don't you want your money multiplied? You can have a slice of the big fat pie through this guide. I have an example on how PROMPT information is offered by Tate. I am following whales on Twitter that are making a fortune out of this. The moment I saw a project mentioned on my feed, I got an email from Tate telling us about this big project in which SBF put a BILLION $. The only thing better that this is knowing the guys behind these huge projects. There is no magic, so don't be fooled. You have to research the things you put money in, but you are given a compass that will GUIDE you win. Crypto is REAL, and it is here to serve you multiply your hard-earned money better than any traditional means.
David Zagrean
This is it, if you are the guy looking for a opportunity.ONE LUCKY SHOT To get to live your dreams. This is the car that will get you there. This is the beginning of the rabbit hole. In my Opinion DEFI its going to be the future this is how the sharks will start controlling the sheep. Little by little the gonna tie the noose around the neck of the ones who didn't prepare for in advance. Its not about making money anymore its about surviving. Defi in your life its a must, if you don't believe my words, let TIME prove them.
Joseph k
The course and info are worth every penny. I’ve brought 3 different courses now. Loads of info and you can make money straight away from the knowledge learned. Will be going to the war rooms and flying to meet these to get more info.
Extremely good product, it shows you exactly how to get into DeFi and you can profit from day 1 with very little money. Would recommend if you are looking for a way to get a new income stream or, when you have earned/invested more money, a quality source of income. Whether you want to trade tokens or earn money on autopilot on farms, you are a few clicks away from limitless possibilies.
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