IRON MIND 6 Week Mental Resilience Training

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This course is specifically designed to build a mind of IRON resilience across a 6-week program.



IRON MIND 6-week mental resilience training 

The son of a chess master, and a 4x kickboxing world champion himself – Andrew Tate has mastered a mental resilience witch is second to none.

Does the stress of everyday life slow you down?

Does your mind feel clouded, or full of fog?

Depressed? Stressed? Anxious?

Do you want to improve your confidence?

Learn how to focus on work for hours at a time?

This course is specifically designed to build a mind of IRON resilience across a 6-week program.

Absolutely everything starts from your thoughts, the thoughts you have directly influence the actions you take within the world. Positive thoughts and self-belief will lead to destinations unknown to those who self doubt.


In this training module, Tate will guide you through a step by step process across 6 weeks to rewire your brain. To rationaly understand the possibility of negative outcomes, without allowing them to slow you down.

The mind takes time to change, as does the body – so this is a 6 week course for those SERIOUS about changing how they view the world and themselves.

A 6 week program, including video tutorials and activities guaranteed to increase your mental resilience.

Specific instructions on how to make very large changes in your day to day thinking with minor adjustments in your perceptions.

Methods to increase your perspicacity, energy and mental focus.


Direct access to Tate who will speak with you regarding the results of your mental exercises and tailor the plan accordingly.

2 reviews for IRON MIND 6 Week Mental Resilience Training

  1. therootbridge (verified owner)

    Some of you might be thinking this may just be a rehash of some form of mainstream mental training.

    That’s what I thought too. It turned out I was wrong very quickly.

    The iron mind that Andrew speaks of is something that he implemented in his training and outside of it.

    Something that contributed to his wins, his physique, and his overall successes.

    And he is giving you that wisdom at a FRACTION of what he should be selling it for. The value is ridiculous.

    Seriously, you will not find anything better on creating one of the most iron of minds.

    There are exercises that go along with each of the weeks, so be prepared to transform your mind in a proactive manner.

    Overcome your uncertainties, doubts, and limitations today.

  2. J (verified owner)

    This course provides you with all the knowledge you need wire you to success. The information given to you straight from a kickboxing world champion allows you to a have mindset where you can conquer anything you desire. A great ROI when applied correctly. 5/5 would recommend this to ANYONE.

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