IRON MIND 6 Week Mental Resilience Training

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This course is specifically designed to build a mind of IRON resilience across a 6-week program.
Specific instructions on how to make very large changes in your day to day thinking with minor adjustments in your perceptions.



IRON MIND 6-week mental resilience training 

The son of a chess master, and a 4x kickboxing world champion himself – Andrew Tate has mastered a mental resilience which is second to none.

Does the stress of everyday life slow you down?

Does your mind feel clouded, or full of fog?

Depressed? Stressed? Anxious?

Do you want to improve your confidence?

Learn how to focus on work for hours at a time?

This course is specifically designed to build a mind of IRON resilience across a 6-week program.

Absolutely everything starts from your thoughts, the thoughts you have directly influence the actions you take within the world. Positive thoughts and self-belief will lead to destinations unknown to those who self doubt.


In this training module, Tate will guide you through a step by step process across 6 weeks to rewire your brain. To rationally understand the possibility of negative outcomes, without allowing them to slow you down.

The mind takes time to change, as does the body – so this is a 6 week course for those SERIOUS about changing how they view the world and themselves.

A 6 week program, including video tutorials and activities guaranteed to increase your mental resilience.

Specific instructions on how to make very large changes in your day to day thinking with minor adjustments in your perceptions.

Methods to increase your perspicacity, energy and mental focus.


Direct access to Tate who will speak with you regarding the results of your mental exercises and tailor the plan accordingly.

8 reviews for IRON MIND 6 Week Mental Resilience Training

  1. therootbridge (verified owner)

    Some of you might be thinking this may just be a rehash of some form of mainstream mental training.

    That’s what I thought too. It turned out I was wrong very quickly.

    The iron mind that Andrew speaks of is something that he implemented in his training and outside of it.

    Something that contributed to his wins, his physique, and his overall successes.

    And he is giving you that wisdom at a FRACTION of what he should be selling it for. The value is ridiculous.

    Seriously, you will not find anything better on creating one of the most iron of minds.

    There are exercises that go along with each of the weeks, so be prepared to transform your mind in a proactive manner.

    Overcome your uncertainties, doubts, and limitations today.

  2. J (verified owner)

    This course provides you with all the knowledge you need wire you to success. The information given to you straight from a kickboxing world champion allows you to a have mindset where you can conquer anything you desire. A great ROI when applied correctly. 5/5 would recommend this to ANYONE.

  3. Mark Toole (verified owner)

    Chances are, you know what you need to be doing to accomplish your goals. Yet these things remain undone. I was the same way, until I started the Iron Mind course.

    Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have any dramatic tales of adversity. I wasn’t poor, I never went to jail, and while I certainly don’t have everything I want in life, I’ve been pretty comfortable. I slowly began to realize that comfort was holding me back, but I didn’t know what to do about it…

    Until I watched the first Iron Mind video. Within just a few minutes, everything began to shift. I knew what to do, and for the first time, I had the mindset necessary to actually do those things. That was just week 1.

    I’ve consumed A LOT of “self improvement” and “motivation” material over the years. Too much. Point is, the Iron Mind is NOT just a rehash of a bunch of crap you’ve heard before. It’s just a simple, practical, non-mystical system to get your mindset where it needs to be to succeed.

    Now, just a few short weeks later, after completing the Iron Mind exercises, I KNOW that my Success Is Inevitable. I no longer need to worry about “energy” and “motivation.” I simply do the things that need to be done to get where I need to be.

    It’s easy, and as successes compound, fun.

    You can, and you should, have the same results in your life. If you’ve read this far and haven’t bought yet, let me tell you something…

    You’ve already decided to join. You’re just looking for confirmation. Someone who has been there to tell you it’s not all a scam.

    Here’s your confirmation: Iron Mind is the real deal. Tate is the real deal. And once you complete the course, you will be too.

  4. ajh3guitarist (verified owner)

    It may not seem like it on the outside…

    Iron Mind is THE SINGLE MOST important course in the Tate library.

    Within the first minutes of the first video your mind will already be reprogramming and deprogramming years of negative thought and ineffective habits holding you back.

    You will discover ways of tapping into your mind that will motivate and propel you into more success that you may have ever thought possible. Iron Mind is an incredibly simple and actionable operating system for handling for business.

    I cannot recommend Iron Mind enough. If you’re looking to improve every aspect of your life. Fitness, women, money, dreams, and aspirations. An Iron Mind will Make It Real!

    Get Iron Mind now!

  5. aaryningen (verified owner)

    If you’re sick and tired of all the success porn self-help guru courses where you’re being told to ‘Find your Inner Fire’ or ‘Ignite The Spark from within’ you‘kl definitely find this course a much sought after alternative.

    Instead of throwing fake compliments in your face and pretending that all you need is ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and ‘self-confidence’, Andrew Tate goes right to the point and lays down the cold, harsh truth to why you’re not where you want to be in life.

    It’s the much necessary wake up call you’ve been looking for, and it’s being presented to you in a way that leaves you OBSESSED with improving yourself.

    Without spilling the beans, there is s genuine method to how you can craft and build, and in essence re-design your life from scratch.

    You’ll get hands down real life tasks that, one way or the other, will make you a mentally stronger person. There is nothing scary or dangerous about this, but it surely will feel uncomfortable at times.

    You’ll also know *why* you suffer. Why you feel pain. Why you’re not happy with life, and how you can flip the script on these thoughts and apply them to your advantage.

    What you’re really doing, is you use the pain to drive you forward using a very special technique that I of course cannot reveal in this review.

    This course is absolutely worth every penny, and I personally now have ventured out on a Mission to set my life straight.

    I cannot feel pain, sadness or depression the same way I used to before. It’s almost like they’re arbitrary feelings. I can do this *without* being an emotionless robot.

    I would say this course is actually a recipe on how to be successful in life, and to stay that way.

    If you’re genuinely not satisfied with where you are in life, then do yourself a favor and buy the course. You *will not* be dissatisfied.

  6. Robert Michaelson (verified owner)

    This program is THE program.
    Do you feel unmotivated, tired, slow, but you also feel like time is passing by very quickly?
    That’s the best way I could describe where I was.
    I Dm’d the Tates a few times, and they told me this would help. I didn’t believe them, not really.
    Then I had payday, and it happened to be that Tate had his DM open.
    I messaged him my problem as usual, and got the same answer as usual. But this time I said
    FUCK IT!
    And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
    After completing the 6 weeks, I had a new outlook on life. I was thinking about how my view on life has changed so much since then and remembered I never wrote a review, or really let anyone know about how much this has helped me.
    Its been 2 months now, my mindset has only been getting better and it’s just automatic now.
    I’m more productive than ever, started going to the gym, more general confidence.
    It’s funny how a mindset change really does make huge change in life.
    To all the skeptics, like I used to be.
    Just say fuck it.
    It’s better than staying where you are.

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    If you ever played a video game, you know that the boss level is the most challenging level and pushes you to play at your best.

    This course turns every day into a boss battle. Breakthroughs are bound to happen.

    The best part is that, even though he teaches how to tackle these big challenges, he also teaches how to make it REALLY rewarding so it’s not torturous and you actually end up more happy than before.

  8. danielschlegel (verified owner)

    From the very first few minutes you will quickly see why you NEED Iron Mind. You will see how you have been misusing motivation (among other things) wrong your entire life. And how to use them in a more powerful way. Your mindset and worldview start reprogramming and expanding immediately. You now realize how much more is possible for you.

    Andrew Tate will teach you EVERYTHING you need to transform your life starting now. To live an Iron Mind. Learn from a CHAMPION. From a WINNER. And APPLY these lessons to your own life continuously.

    By the end of this course..You will quickly generate motivation on demand. You will clearly see your life with greater purpose and power. You will easily reprogram negative emotions and stress into fuel for your success. You will be able to effectively identify, accelerate, and amplify your success in life. Again. And again. And again.

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT course you will purchase to improve every aspect of your life. Completely.

    I cannot recommend Iron Mind enough. It has transformed my life forever. Being excited to work out consistently. Enjoying more fulfilling relationships. Hustling to earn even more money every day. A completely new and exciting worldview. It will do the same for you when you now live with an Iron Mind.

    You know what to do now. Purchase Iron Mind.

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