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Instagram Supercharge Week 1
I’ll be posting updates as we go.

The Road to 10k followers...

Week 1 has been a stunning success!

I started this adventure with a measly 66 followers and a smattering of content and a few stories. Interesting photos I’d acquired in my world travels. No real theme, no interaction.

Then April 10th the fun began.
#MoneyPilot was born.
A shout out from @OfWudan and the likes and followers started growing...

I followed up with a few teasers from my collection and then I started to get really interesting. DMs started popping up “why 7 passports” and “who are you!?!”

The rest of the week was more of the same, back and forth in stories, #AMAs and the account continues to grow. Who is this Money Pilot and where is he off to next 🤔

Week 1 Stats:
4050 Interactions
2357 Unique Accounts
40k Impressions

If you are serious about growing your IG presence. @OfWudan delivers results. Just wait until you see what we have in store for week 2...


IG Supercharge Week 2!

Another smashing success on the road to 10k!

On Friday my brother (a pro photographer) went out on location to shoot our first themed shots and the results were 🔥

Armed with this ammunition, @OfWudan and I developed our plan of attack for Sunday...
The assault went flawlessly, the likes and follows rained down from the heavens so fast we couldn’t figure out where they were from at first. Then we found it, I’d made it almost to the top of the #cigars tag

After that smashing success we regrouped and planned a re-attack for Tuesday. After scrubbing out old content, we launch another salvo of posts and stories.

Again the likes and follows flowed from the heavens. It was glorious to behold.
IG Supercharge Week 2 Stats:
*Percentages are over Week 1
Followers: +589/+35% (1089 total)
Discovery: 5980/+154%
Impressions: 47041/+15%

OCH Consulting

IG Supercharge Week 3

This week I proved that this is not a course for the weak at heart, just looking to be carried.

This course requires you to be an active participant. It requires you to put up numbers.

I’m busy planning some things behind the scenes for @OfWudan and let my engagement slip and the traffic on my profile reflects this.

Still modest gains but not on the level of the first two weeks. Gains in followers and reach definitely require a steady flow of new content.
Had a couple of minor posts but no home runs like past weeks.

IG Supercharge Week 3 Stats:
*Percentages are over Week 2
Posts: 27/-50%
Followers: +32/-95% (1121total)
Discovery: 3150/-53%
Impressions: 23600/-49%

What did I learn? Engagement is your life blood. A 50% drop in posts drive a 50% drop in traffic. More importantly it drove a 95% drop in new followers.

Fortunately, there are big things planned this weekend. We are going to be testing a new strategy, so be sure to follow my IG for the latest!

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