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No nonsense. NO BULLSHIT. HARD FACTS on how to GET RICH.
This is over 10 hours of video and course material that will leave you ready to approach any business and instantly increase its turnover. Or launch a new idea and get rolling.




  • Financially functional faculty.
  • Asset amassment academy.
  • Capital capability college.

Do you want to STUDY or do you want to MAKE MONEY?

You can waste your time studying at a university or learn from me and GET RICH instead.

I never went to a traditional university. I didn’t want to read books I wanted to MAKE MONEY.

They are very different things.



The professors who teach you ARE NOT RICH so how could they possibly teach you a thing?

Most information taught in modern schooling is outdated. It is 3 or 4 years old and that is TOO SLOW. We live in a FAST MOVING WORLD.

Couple that with the fact that University is ridiculously expensive, its often the biggest mistake people make in their lives. You will be paying back those loans FOREVER.

People go to school because they don’t know what else to do. Its socially acceptable time-wasting.

I have spent many years discouraging people from wasting their time and money in traditional universities and they would always say to me:

“If I don’t go to uni, what should I do instead?”

That is why I have created this program.








I have made money every single way it can be made.

  • Professional fighting.
  • Traditional sales jobs.
  • Over 7 of my companies have turned over in excess of 2,000,000 USD.
  • I made millions of dollars running webcam studios.

And there are some lessons which are universal across every single business. These lessons can be applied to ANYTHING to ensure you are successful. I do the same thing with every single company whether it’s selling clothing or running webcam girls.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a company and want to increase the amount of money you make or you are looking for an idea to launch – I will teach you EVERYTHING.

No nonsense. NO BULLSHIT. HARD FACTS on how to GET RICH.
This is over 10 hours of video and course material that will leave you ready to approach any business and instantly increase its turnover. Or launch a new idea and get rolling.

I will make sure you avoid the mistakes nearly EVERY business owner makes.

I know a lot of successful men who are not as rich as they should be. After I suggest they do things MY way – I hear the same thing:

“I would have made/saved so much money if I knew this earlier”

This course will allow you to take any idea from your head and turn it into a money-making business near INSTANTLY.

This is based on a business career that has seen me go from social housing to amassing millions and millions of dollars.

I will not sit and preach to you some bullshit about how to save money and live a frugal life like a dork.

I will teach you how to make millions and millions of dollars so you can ESCAPE slavery and ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

I have 8 super cars. YOU SHOULD TOO.

Learn everything I know. EVERY SINGLE THING I KNOW about business inside of the


  • Financially functional faculty.
  • Asset amassment academy.
  • Capital capability college.

29 reviews for Hustlers University

  1. Samuli J (verified owner)

    This stuff is GOOD. I run a multi 6-figure business (this year or next 7-figures) and I already learned valuable tips from the first 10 lessons. For beginners, this is even better. Good production. Andrew and Tristan take their time and really try to give you what you need to succeed in business.

  2. ajh3guitarist (verified owner)

    I have ALL but one course from, they are all EXCELLENT.

    The Hustler’s University is bar far my FAVORITE course to date.

    I have had my own business for 4 years now that has done very well for my industry. There are some elements in this course that I had done. But having learned from Andrew himself gives me the knowledge of how I’m going to EXPAND my business with so much MORE potency.

    This course will work for ANY type of business.

    The first 10 points were mind blowing, and there are 100 total things to learn. I’ve already watched them all twice and taken notes. But more importantly I’m taking ACTION on them. You will learn how to move like Andrew.

    If you already own a business or are starting yours tomorrow, GET THIS COURSE. NOW.

    I’ve taken other VERY well known guru’s business courses, this is so much BETTER. It has my HIGHEST recommendation.

    If I had known what Andrew knows when I started, I would’ve saved so much time and money.

    When you decide you deserve to become a millionaire. Join the Hustler’s University. DO NOT miss out on what Andrew knows and what his students (myself included) are learning.

    We’ll see you in class.

  3. Joel Guadarrama (verified owner)

    The best investment to make is in yourself, is it not?

    You work hard, but do you feel that you are missing something. Perhaps you think you need an EDUCATION.

    YOU are right. But you also need to know how the world really works when it comes to owning and controlling your life.

    You don’t need a degree. You need a University. The Hustlers University.

    If you were like me, you always wanted to be Self-Made. You want to rule your life and control Outcomes by the horns.

    The best investment to make is in yourself, is it not?

    This is for you. The best investment you ever made.

  4. Dylan Smallman (verified owner)

    Review for Hustlers University
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  5. Dan Heller (verified owner)

    Andrew delivers. This course will teach you how to start a business FAST, make it profitable and change your mindset regarding money.

  6. therootbridge (verified owner)

    Do you have a business? Buy this course.

    Just starting out? Buy this course.

    Looking to scale your business? Buy this course.

    Whether it’s to make more money, cut costs, save time, find that business niche you’ve been searching for, it doesn’t matter.

    This course gives you EVERY lesson you need to build a business and move it to something with unlimited potential.

    Every course Andrew produces is top notch, and this one is BY FAR in the top 3, if not #1.

    If you have money sitting in your savings account thinking about dropping this into an index fund, buy this instead. Your ROI will be 20x greater.

    You could always NOT buy the course, if you’re into not making money, or enjoy losing lots of money.

  7. CGP (verified owner)

    Tate’s courses are always straight to the point and packed with info that can literally change your life.

    He gives you actionable advice in under an hour per video. Some videos are actually 15 minutes, so you can go ahead and make money without complaining.

    Using some of the lessons in the first chapters helped me bank a new $4k deal with a client within a week or so.

    Forget about all the other “gurus”. This is for Hustlers.

    Hustlers make money every day, and hustlers get rich.

    Don’t be an idiot. Get the course.

  8. groppo.leo (verified owner)

    Imagine being successful. You decide your income. You decide your schedule. You decide how to live your life.
    Investing in this course will put you years ahead of anyone else trying to become successful on their own.
    How do I know?
    For 12 years I’ve had my own business and learned some of the lessons in this course the hard way – costing me time and money. Fortunately, after watching the videos I learned new ways to make more money in less time.
    I’m sure whether you are just getting started hustling or looking to improve an existing hustle you will find this course valuable.
    There are many layers to what Tate teaches, far beyond business and money. Look for it as you watch.

  9. roger0119 (verified owner)

    Sold at 50% premium first batch of A**Pods Pro released in my country ’cause I live near and travel’s convenient. Earned 50% of course price. Rule #1. Could have earned complete if I applied more Rules.

    Money will not be a problem after you buy this.

  10. Carl C (verified owner)

    Just went through all of it. Next step; go through it all again, taking notes, to start implementing and internalizing the lessons ASAP.

    This course is excellent. Mind expanding. Life changing.

    I did a bunch of more mainstream business courses. Some of them were ok. This is by far the best. Some lessons are easy and obvious (once you hear em), other lessons are a bit more complex and I will have to investigate further.

    Behind Tate’s supposedly *arrogant* persona is an extremely sharp, thorough, experienced and proven business brain.

    As a person who ran successful businesses (~100k profit pa) I am amazed at how many did things I did the usual/slow/inefficient way. That has changed. Forever. For the better. Starting yesterday.

  11. Hans Jensen (verified owner)


    Since I’ve gotten the HU, my mindset has been all over the place.

    It feels like I’ve been doing coke, and tried to flush it down with a needle of adrenaline and 10 cups of coffee.

    Litteraly all I see the world with now are two different perspectives.

    It’s unsettling and brilliant at the same time.

    Of course, it’s a question of keeping this mindset going, but with iron mind this shouldn’t be a problem.

    This is without a doubt, the best course Tate has done to date.

    That is coming from someone who has just about every course from his store.


    It’s you.

  12. Stephen Morris (verified owner)

    Excellent content from Tate in Hustler’s University, I own a business which went bad, if I had had half this knowledge from Tate 3 years ago things would have been different,
    If your goal is to live free, Hustle for money, self employed or start a business

    This is for you, Get in ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  13. Hassan Haider (verified owner)

    One of the best products on this website. It gives you so much knowledge and value, it’s crazy. It should be a lot more expensive than it actually is. Tremendous.

    EVERYTHING you need to know about business, is in this course. Everything. Absolutely everything.

    None of Tates products have ever been short of amazing

  14. aaryningen (verified owner)


    During the first hour of this course you have a tangible recipe for how to take your business from making $0 into the millions of dollars. This is hands-down, viable and 100% applicable knowledge that only gets hampered by *one* thing – yourself. If you don’t make money after having consumed the vast knowledge within this course, it’s totally your own fault.

    There is no fluff. No ‘fancy’ or ‘cool’ ‘ninja’ or ‘rockstar’ instructions that seek to divert you from your Mission. This is pure knowledge on how to start, run and scale your business, using whatever means you have available in front of you.

    The only thing it requires is your will to work hard. Your desire to become rich. And your ability to pour your heart and soul into it.

    The price is ridiculous. It could be priced ten times more than what it is now, and it’s still a steal.

    Get it while you still can!

  15. Kan W (verified owner)

    HU is not just about business, it’s about adding oil to the FIRE inside you to get paid today.

    Within 2 weeks, I implemented enough strategies that I made the investment back from the extra profit I got from my business.

    That month was the BEST month I’ve ever had, and then one month later, I broke the record AGAIN.

    Every lesson is golden nugget, and honestly you will be blown away by merely the first 10.

    I’d say HU is one of my favorite courses from Tate, because the rewards are IMMEDIATE.

    Be prepared to have your reality transformed.

    Get in while it’s still relatively cheap. Tate should have charged TRIPLE for the value it contains.

  16. Stephen Morris (verified owner)

    EVERYTHING you need to understand about BUSINESS how it works and MONEY works in in here, I have failed in business and a lot is in here which I SHOULD HAVE DONE.


  17. scotthastings1976 (verified owner)

    This course is a fantastic insight into the mind of a true hustler. Who would you rather learn how to set up and scale a new business from? Some dork university lecturer that’s never ran their own business or a guy who grew up in a working class neighborhood with nothing and went on to be a multi-millionaire.

    If you’ve dreamed of having your own business and want to escape the 9 to 5 or have an idea for a business but are scarred to pull the trigger and do it, then this course is the boot up the arse that you need.

    Learn how to set up your business quickly, where to source your first employees and the type of person to employ. Andrew also go into great detail of his own failures along the way and what he learned from that experience so that you don’t make those same mistakes.

    Not only do you get hours of actionable information, you’ll be added to the Hustlers University telegram group where you can interact with other like minded entrepreneurs. Ask questions, bounce ideas off of others.

  18. Savvas (verified owner)

    If you want to learn how to make money and how you should think about business, learn it from a self made millionaire who did it in record time.

  19. kalnins.janis (verified owner)

    For a fraction of a cost of a college course, you get an entire millionaires life worth of business lessons. How to start a company, how to build sales, and how to maintain+grow long term regular income. The most concise, hard hitting and to the point business instruction available. You’ll be making notes and getting revelations while absorbing knowledge from an in-depth presentation in the unimitable style of a true business heavyweight. Get inside Hustlers University now and get rich faster!

  20. George SL (verified owner)

    The course that I’ve been waiting for. Answers to the questions I always wanted to ask. (And I did ask Andrew a couple of them earlier, in fact.)

    It is one thing to be successful, sometimes just lucky, in one business. But getting paid in very different businesses, as Tate does, is another level. And he does not hold back any lessons here. He could fill several books with the knowledge delivered here.

    This should be your easiest buy.

    Apply the lessons, there is no way you are not getting back your investment in very short time.

  21. Nick Hagood (verified owner)

    Review for Hustlers University
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  22. Alexander Montero (verified owner)

    Why are you waiting?
    Starting a business was something I always wanted to do but didn’t know how. All the typical things people tell you to do, Tate does none of. His mind is filled with absolute brilliance.
    Because of Hustlers University I’ve finally started my own business in 2020. Soon a second. Gone is the fear, the doubt. Why? Because I have the know how from the Grandmaster himself.

    P.s. Amazingly it can be applied to all aspects of life. You graduate a hustler.

  23. davidcook912 (verified owner)

    Here are the money making lessons from a veteran of business. Learn from the successes and the failures of a relentless serial entrepreneur.

    Tate covers the most actionable and impactful lessons that he has learned in his business career, which is surprisingly robust for a person of his age. The course is intense and packed full of knowledge that would otherwise take a neophyte years to accumulate.

    Hustler’s University is incredibly valuable. You will learn so much and corroborate thoughts you had, but were unsure of. The real key here is that you will be protected from making common mistakes that are canon in conventional wisdom and you will be able to more easily evaluate potential business opportunities for viability.

    Bonus: HU is very entertaining!

  24. Mbiss (verified owner)

    Stone cold facts about making money. Tate gives you 100 facts about making money, if you implement these immediately in your business you can make your money back within a day.

    There’s no other course like this. Tate understands how to build a business, ANY business, from makeup brands to pimpin. He teaches you how to get more money, EFFICIENTLY.

    Take your business to the next level. I have personally nearly doubled my income since watching and implementing this course

  25. reithecarnivore (verified owner)

    Out of the many courses I already have, I’d say this is Tate’s best work by far. His principles are applicable to any form of business, which he learnt running various companies of his own.

    Even if you haven’t started your own business just yet, many of the lessons can be used in your current job or even side projects. I’ve already implemented several of them and it truly makes a difference in the office. A promotion’s coming my way, guaranteed.

    One hundred lessons. All actionable. No bullshit.
    Get this course before the price goes up.

  26. bobby (verified owner)

    Bobby Dino here.

    Andrew knows his shit.

    Currently in Romania, and have seen firsthand how he works, and the fruits of his labor.

    In HU, Andrew is essentially downloading his mind for you to follow. He’s giving ALL the inside info on how he made it to the big time.

    Nothing will get you inside Andrew’s head like this course.

    Don’t let success pass you by.

    Enroll in HU, and start stacking cheddar.

  27. georgi1921 (verified owner)

    Advice is actionable and lessons are applicable.
    Harsh truth is spoken.
    And Tate’s energy is off the charts as always!
    If i knew what was in this course and price was triple i would still have bought it.

  28. Rill.Beast1 (verified owner)

    Hustlers University is one of the best courses that I have ever bought. This course gave me the correct mindset to start a side hustle. After implementing what I learned in HU, I made a sale with my side hustle within 48 hours. My sale afforded me a very nice profit. Before HU, I had an incorrect mindset towards business and how it works. Andrew Tate was able to shift my way of thinking which will allow me to be successful at business. If you are stuck at business, this course will get you unstuck as long as implement what is taught. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking into making money on their own.

  29. Jayemaye45 (verified owner)

    This is probably the most important course you can buy if you’re looking to get your money up and to become better at business. No matter what type of business you’re into or what you have learned in the past, there’s lots of knowledge to be had here.
    I’m basically starting from scratch and I’m a firm believer that Andrew is by far the best person to learn from.
    Why go to traditional university when you can learn everything here?
    Arguably the best course offered by Tate. See you in class!

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