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Join the Tate PHD Program and Learn The Real G Techniques for getting girls



Join Andrew Tates Grand Mastery: The art of attracting Women and Learn The Real G Techniques for getting girls

You will learn:
– How to pick up women online
– How to be attractive to women even when you’re broke as a bitch
– Best dating App and how to get girls interested
– Dating Strategies after you get her number
– Texting Rules like a G
– Quality Control – How to know if you have a quality girl
– Tate’s Opening Lines like a Boss
– How to get your girl on lock down- How to have multiple women who are all loyal to you.

– FREE EMAIL SUPPORT. Email specific questions about situations and have the Master G Andrew Tate answer within 24 hours.

Andrew Tate is world champion kickboxer who owns and operates strip clubs and webcam studios. With over 75 girls working for him, he has created a system that allows you to get girls quickly easily and without spending money.

`Unlike other “pickup artists” who have the odd girl here and there, Tate has TOP QUALITY women living with him and making him money full time. This makes him more qualified than any other coach on the internet.

Do you wanna learn how to get the odd girl from a pickup artist, or learn how to build an army of women who are so loyal to you that they allow you to have as many girls as you want?
MORE IMPORTANTLY, he has a FOOLPROOF system for retaining women, having them do as you say and respecting you without taking up or wasting large amounts of your time.

As Tate said: “I don’t want a 10 unless she does everything I say. Its obedience and loyalty that turns me on more than looks.”

Whether you’re looking to get girls, simply have your girlfriend obey every command and be fiercely loyal or learn how to live with 3 or 4 girlfriends at once as Tate does – This is the course for you.

This course will change your relationship with women – FOREVER.



42 reviews for PhD Program

  1. Camilo__gp (verified owner)

    Got the PHD Program yesterday!

    Great actionable advice. Straight to the point. Very well explained. Changes your attitude and mindset right away.

    100% recommended

  2. matteo.quintavalle47 (verified owner)

    This course gave me a sense power and control like no other game tips colud give. Now I can walk around with a renewed sense of confidence, attract the girls I want to…and punish the hoes who think they’re so big and bad. Plus I’ll know which girls I can trust…and which girls would just waste my time or money with zero ROI. HOWEVER: this course is not for everybody: while I spent quite a few time in the RP community, I managed not to get too polluted with some of its toxic ideas. Because if you still have rage, anger or bitterness for females…this goldmine WILL NOT work for you. On the contrary, it might turn you into something worse. So before you spend those 250 bucks, ask yourself: “Do I hate women? Am I angry at them? Would I want them different from what they are right now?” if the answer to any of those questions is yes…stop right there! Give yourself a little bit of time to heal yourself and fully accept and appreciate females for what they are…then buy this course.

  3. aaryningen (verified owner)

    Andrew Tate tells you the unpleasant truths you need to hear in order to get girls in the 21st century.

    No fluff, no sugarcoating, no feel-good nonsense – this is the real deal, despite how harsh it might sound.

    You need to get a little thick-skinned anyway, so if you can’t handle hearing how things are in the real world from a real G, how are you supposed to get a woman to like you?

    For a measly price you get the recipe to build yourself a harem from scratch, including a fail-safe method to determine if the chick you’re interested in is worth keeping.

    Invest in your future now or stay cucked. The choice is yours.

    This review is written by a former blue bill beta bitch soyboy who swallowed the red pill and is now in recovery mode.

  4. Mbiss (verified owner)

    Great course. Tate knows his stuff.


    I had a girl on lock before, but now the course has taken it to the next level. I have multiple girls begging for my attention, double or triple messaging me most days.

    If you want to become a G this course is for you, or if you want one loyal girl this course is also for you.

  5. frankwong200 (verified owner)

    Tate breaks it down like no one else. Very straightforward and to the point. No time wasted which I like. Very powerful and applicable. Just finished the body-language course. Top notch too. This stuff is legit. Money well spent.

  6. e.j.zonneveld (verified owner)

    Was hesitant to buy this at first. Absolutely no regrets whatsoever, Tate gives easily actionable advice presented in a logical manner. Great Insight into how the female mind works and no cookie cutter pickup artist BS. This is the real deal. Buy this, become a G.

  7. kevin.dahinten (verified owner)

    If you are looking to improve your Game, this Course is worth its Money more than a hundred-fold. The price is way too low for the amount of knowledge that gets dropped here. If you aren’t buying this, you are definitely missing out on a life you would kill for. Don’t be stupid. Be smart. Buy it. NOW!

  8. savas93 (verified owner)

    I used to work for a company with 150 people. I had sex with the hottest girl that everyone wanted. I was literally competing with all the men within my company. She was a receptionist and everyone was showing her attention.
    This happened before this course ever existed. And I was following the course without knowing it back then.
    This course gave me the answer as to “why” I got her, cause I never fully understood what made her obsess with me. I was placing my focus on the one thing all men should prioritize. If I had I seen the course back then, I’d would have made her take the “test” and she’d probably be obsessed with me to this day.

    No regrets cause now I know exactly what works and can replicate this easily. What Tate teaches works best for the 9s-10s. So this course isn’t for everyone.

  9. victor.stepien.1 (verified owner)

    Just finished watching the course and all the additional videos for the third time. I can guarantee its an investment of a lifetime for most men out there.
    Straight to the point, well explained and around 2 hours of pure (posible lifechanging) lifechanging Information, put together very well.
    However I do believe this is not for morons or in general people who walk the earth with closed eyes.

  10. victor.stepien.1 (verified owner)

    Just finished watching the course and all the additional videos for the third time. I can guarantee its an investment of a lifetime for most men out there.
    Straight to the point, well explained and around 2 hours of pure (possibly lifechanging) Information, put together very well.
    However I do believe this is not for morons or in general people who walk the earth with closed eyes.

  11. aj prestamo (verified owner)

    5 out of 5.

    Straight forward delivery from Tate.

    Practical knowledge that can be applied immediately after consuming.

    In addition, Tate continues to release new videos that answer questions that are sent in by owners of the PHD program.

    The program is worth more than the cost.

    The perfect program to upgrade your mindset in relation to women.

    Well done Tate. Thanks.

  12. bowe96 (verified owner)

    This course is no joke. Not only is it rock solid advice, but he explains how and why it works. Created an IG yesterday and already doing better then 10% response rate with my 0 followers. If you want to stop pretending women think like you do and start understanding how the world really works. Take this course!

  13. ajpiez9418 (verified owner)

    Bought this course to find out exactly what to do to Land a quality woman in today’s world. The fact of the matter is the information Tate provides is timeless because there is a certain way women think and it’s been basically the same since the dawn of man. But of course in the world we live in today it has become much more difficult for men to give quality attention to women. And the tips and advice Tate has and gives in this course is priceless. It’s truly brilliant also. Has definitely boosted my results and no doubt it will do the same for every man who buys the PhD course. Highly recommended

  14. fhpx (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Tate on Twitter for a while now taking in all the knowledge and honestly felt there might not be that much added value from this course on top of his free content. Furthermore, I felt all the positive reviews were mostly hype and people rationalizing their already spent money.

    Well, after going through the course I see that I was wrong and am glad I bought the product. The game is laid out smooth and it’s actionable right away. If you had some experience getting girls and dating, first thing you will get out of the course is an assessment of your prior wins and loses with a new lense.

    Bottom line – if you were having doubts about the course, buy it. It will be well worth your investment.

  15. Christopher Chapman (verified owner)

    Review for Grand Mastery: The art of attracting Women
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  16. 78tomas.marcin (verified owner)

    This is straight to the point course, filled with usable advice that take your dating life to the next level.
    This course is a must for beginners, but also for experienced guys, cause you all know, there is still many things you can improve upon (im already experienced, and had good amount of success with girls across different cultures, but this course taken me to the next level).
    And who is better guy to learn from, than somebody that is actually living this life and is speaking from experience.
    P.S. Many courses in regards to dating are much more expensive than this one (i will not named any), but this one contains the best information you can get. And I mean this literally.

  17. yongeshay (verified owner)

    Andrew’s PhD course is essential for any man wanting to understand the correct relationship dynamic between a man and a woman and how to find a good one. You’ll find knowledge in here that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re on the fence and reading this review, I highly recommend that you buy today.

  18. therootbridge (verified owner)

    You’re here because you want this course.

    Forget about the mediocre PUAs bragging about the 5s by their sides.

    Tate’s stuff brings in the 8s-10s.

    Not only that, but Tate will be showing you how to handle more than just one… at the same time.

    I’ve been through a lot of various material from other “gurus”, some better than others. Tate’s stuff is to-the-point, extremely practical, and covers more than the typical scenes. Nothing compares.

    Since putting in work with the techniques provided in this course, my success rate has tripled. No joke. If you put in the effort, you will see results within a very short period of time.

    Not only that, Tate has the cred to show for it. The women you see in his photos are all brought in using these exact techniques.

    It really is a no brainer. If you want better success rates, hotter women, or maybe the occasional threesome, look no further.

  19. cory.pollock7

    This is (thankfully) not a pick-up artist course like the pathetic and near predatory ones you see on YouTube over and over again. This course shows you how to, as a man, build your biological tools to attract women to things that they want to see from you. Having been a man who was a member of the “redpill” club and damn near hating women, this course opened my eyes that I was just shooting myself in the foot and drinking more from the bottle of bitterness. Which, of course, has only led to an elongated dry spell and rightfully so. I cannot stress enough the quality of this course. I always relied on my looks to get girls or girlfriends but never my abilities to attract women through leveraging your innate assets. More and more men today are being destroyed by our cultures war on men and subsequently has permeated into the success we have with women. This course not only teaches you how to scale your own gravity for women but also how to regain your birthright as a man. Not all of us were born winners, with the best social skills or comfort around beautiful women, but with Tate’s program you can learn to be as successful and rise above in the dominance hierarchy. Even if you have experienced marginal success with women before, you will be up to your neck in the amount of women who want your attention. This course is what you want.

  20. Matt (verified owner)

    The BEST course on women.

    Dude asks Confucius how he knows so much. He replies “It’s not like I memorize everything. I have a system. Obviously.”

    I got so sick of buying books that a) tell me a bunch of stuff I already know, b) give me scripts to follow, c) are not my style. If you are familiar with red pill, PUA, or the manosphere in general, this has loads of information you don’t know yet.

    I was able to apply this where others failed because it’s a rulebook, not a playbook. It’s style-independent, which means I can “be myself” and have better success.

    It’s EASY to apply, because it’s given in a direct style and all about ACTION. Most other stuff available is way too much on theory. You shouldn’t need a glossary of terms to understand shit that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.

    This course skips the crap, gets straight to the truth, and has a blast doing it.

  21. tj06 (verified owner)

    the content is well worth it, easy to apply, and it WORKS. If you want to learn, then why not learn from somebody who’s done it all? No rubbish, just easy steps you can start applying today, you’ll notice your game picks up. I am no pro but I feel a change for sure. You’ll probably waste that money on drink trying to pluck up the courage to talk to girls, so just buy this instead and get results

  22. WR_Warrior30 (verified owner)

    Review for PhD Program
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  23. WR_Warrior30 (verified owner)

    From my perspective, this is Andrew’s top product. The knowledge he has on women psychology is second to none in this world. He’s a master at interacting with beautiful females. I gained a lot of insights from this course and I will still do because he offers life support, meaning that he always comes with new videos. He also answers any question on the subject on telegram dedicated group. I am forever grateful for him sharing this knowledge. Buy this product, this is insane value.

  24. Daniel Nightfield (verified owner)

    Simply put, this isn’t a “How to pick up chicks” course. Hear me out.

    It’s a life-long lesson course. If you are smart enough (I assume you are if you’ve bought the course), you will instantly see that all the lessons from this course apply to so many things in life. It’s like the 70s soul music with so much wisdom. If you apply this only to your dating life, you’re not getting the most value out of this course — you’ll probably fail in life in the long-term. Only those who are intelligent enough will see beyond the picking-up part of the course — they will understand the fundamentals of life.

    Don’t disparage the PhD course simply because it appears to be another mere pick-up course. No, it’s greater than that. It’s learning how to play chess – a chess of successful life.

  25. justinsattiewhite (verified owner)

    This course will change your relationships with women drastically. This is not your typical PUA nonsense.

    It is a well designed system on getting and RETAINING women who are FIERCELY LOYAL

    PhD can also be applied across many facets of life, not just getting women.

    If you are having girl problems this is the best solution.

    Small investment for knowledge GUARANTEED to IMPROVE your relationship with women for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

  26. lukelelias (verified owner)

    I’ve got good news.

    This course is GOOD.
    Real life, actionable advice. If you’re already here reading this review you’re in luck. You have access to a real expert on female psychology. This course will give you a system and general rules of the game. It will immediately change your world view, and start pumping up your numbers if you follow it. I say this from personal experience.
    The reason I give it a 4 is simple.

    You NEED to be in the War Room. You’ve got no idea how potent the two in combination are, ask anyone with both. With both, you’ll have real world access to Andrew. He will show you his texts regularly, he will explain every text and the concept behind it. You will see the girls, you will see their reactions. You can post your own texts and have him break them down. You’ll see the 100s of others’ interactions, what they did, whether it went well, why it did, why it didn’t.

    Level up already.

  27. Dylan Madden (verified owner)

    The PhD is the solution to all of your girl problems. Not just from a strategy stand-point, but because Andrew clearly breaks down how the male/female dynamic really is.

    From there you can apply the PhD to fully enjoy relationships with women and leverage the PhD in all other endeavours.

    If you want to understand women and human interaction, the PhD is the key which opens that door.

    -Dylan Madden-

  28. derek (verified owner)

    The system is highly effective, but the real value is in the PhD chat. The chat is where the real information is shared and real world examples are dropped. Many of the guys in the chat are highly skilled and helpful too.

  29. Anthony Padron (verified owner)

    One of Andrews best courses. This paired with the War Room provided me with all knowledge to maintain and grow my relationships with women. Easily one of the best ROIs when it comes to learning how to be a G.

  30. Peter Soros (verified owner)

    Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Not only is the information a whole other level, but the the chatroom you will be a part of is worth so much!!
    Day to day members sharing stories and applications of the PHD system. Its like having a lecture and then the “Lab” class you would do for a science course in college. Literally PHD style. 😉
    It is amazing the strides I am making with women now.

  31. Lucas (verified owner)

    “back then h*s didnt want me, now im hot h*s all on me”
    – Mike Jones

    After implementing what is CLEARLY (as clear, as clear can be) explained in the course, i now can relate to this Mike Jones line, and I’m no celebrity

    i am now realizing that when you have a PhD, not only do you get unlimited women, (bc its impossible to fuck every hot girl, even LIl Wayne, a famous, rich, super star has a song about that), but you also have the power, think he-man. And with great power comes great responsibility.

    Fuck responsibly gentlemen and cheers to the mf PhD by A.T !

  32. J (verified owner)

    This course covers everything you need to become a world class G. I can GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed. 5/5

  33. reithecarnivore (verified owner)

    Tate cuts through the bullshit and tells you exactly how he picks up girls in his typical magnetic style. If you follow him on any of his social media accounts, you’ll know that you’re getting far more value than what you pay.

    I also highly recommend you get into the War Room, as the discussions there builds on the PhD principles and will take your game to the next level.

  34. miclaus.andrei (verified owner)

    This isn’t game, this isn’t Red Pill theory. THIS is the next evolution of relationships with females.

    Red Pill theory can help you understand how and why the things taught in this course work.However, if you want to get straight to the point, it’s full of actionable advice that will change how you view girls (in a positive way), learn what it truly means to love in a relationship and create strong, stable and (for both sides) fulfilling relationships – with one or more beautiful women.

    Remember, girls want Gs not dorks. Work on yourself and become a G, you will see how your colleagues in tech will respect you more.
    WARNING: Applicable in all facets of life, not just women!

  35. josh0807 (verified owner)

    The PhD is simply the best course a young man can find on attracting women.

    I’ve read all the PUAs. They spend hours talking about peacocking, negging and all that girly manipulative shit

    Andrew does none of this.

    You get a simple, short and very practical bundle of videos that walks you through approaching a girl, building rapport, getting her into bed and keeping her in line (so she doesn’t cause you countless headaches).

    Tate teaches the exact process he uses and doesn’t make up insane rules like “you must bang 100 girls before you settle down”. He teaches you how to be with multiple girls at a time – instead of just one girl – yet never says you should be doing the same thing as him or else you’re beta. It really is a course any man in any situation can use.

    The only question I have is why haven’t you bought this program yet?

  36. Robert Smith (verified owner)

    I was blind, but now I can see.

    I thought I knew girls, I was okay. But my girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago. I knew about Tate, was newly single, so I purchased this course.
    It absolutely changed my ideas about women, how I deal with them, and I literally saw where I went gone with my last relationship as I took in the information.

    I used the methods of the PhD and after around 2 months of dating different women, I have a new girlfriend. She’s better than my old one in every way. Those 2 months of dating around after I got the PhD really helped me get over my last girlfriend, and instilled a new confidence in me.
    I’m here in my bed, girlfriend cooking breakfast, and was thinking about what got me here. It was the PhD, and the clarity it gave me.

    So I decided to write this review.
    Thanks Tate.

  37. ajh3guitarist (verified owner)

    I’ve never had so much success since getting the PhD.

    Couple this with the War Room. You absolutely WILL succeed with not only the women in your life. But everyone you deal with.

  38. Joel Guadarrama (verified owner)

    The PhD is a GUARANTEED EDUCATION! All those books you read missed one thing; that edge on where to START!

    There are systems in this world that you are a part of whether you like it or not! Andrew explains the systems and purposely reveals his method to level YOUR life.

    Get in before he charges Double! (AGAIN!)

  39. tommybrlecic (verified owner)

    Before the PhD course I had 3 fuck buddies and slept with girls consistently, I thought that was good because of the “game” I had learnt… until I watched the PhD course. Straight after I instantly ditched them all as I realised how bad they were and began looking for better women. Since then I’ve had one great girlfriend and better experiences with all women in general, I highly recommend it.

  40. Ruben Guel (verified owner)

    Everything Tate teaches is about how to be a better man; how to become a legit G. The PhD course shows you how a high value man approaches women on the regular. No PUA bs, no secret tips and tricks; just straight up facts on how you should carry a conversation with a beautiful woman and establish your value upon her. Tate’s courses are packed with a lot of lessons which are very well much more valuable than what they’re priced at.

  41. Ian Clardy (verified owner)

    The PhD is a cheat code. Even the most average dude can use to it supercharge his game. This is the raw, unfiltered essence of game and intersexual dynamics. Learn it or be left behind.

  42. joulesullivan (verified owner)

    WOW. Talk about a life hack. It’s hard to explain how powerful this course is. AND IT WORKS. My god it works. Using Tate’s knowledge you can literally flip the script so that the ladies chase you. I laugh at the effort I used to put in. Sooo much easier now, too easy even.

    We all know a guy who ‘has it’ when it comes to women. He isn’t particularly attractive or rich, he just has it, right? Finally I found out how this type of guy does it lol. THIS COURSE IS LIFE CHANGING.

    Forget any PUAs or red pill coaches. Some of their methods might work initially, but what then. The PhD teaches you how to get LONG TERM respect and service from your girl/s.

    I am pushing all of my inner circle mates to do this course. It really is that valuable.

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