Fitness Program

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Stay in Supreme Physical Condition with Andrew Tate’s Fitness Program.

Fitness Training

Stay in Supreme Physical Condition with Andrew Tate’s Fitness Program.
It’s important to stay strong and in good shape. To keep in good shape – I exercise for just 25 minutes a day AT HOME. And with less than $50 worth of equipment.

No gym. No expensive memberships. No time wasted

This training program is a no-nonsense straight to the point approach to being healthy, strong and in good shape. All from the comfort of your home and with little expenses.

You will gain:
– Training Techniques to keep you strong
– Nutrition and Diet
– Reasons why you should never go to the gym again

– FREE EMAIL SUPPORT. Email specific questions about situations and have the Master G Andrew Tate answer within 24 hours.


Andrew Tate is world champion kickboxer who has now retired from professional fighting. After spending years and years in the gym, he decided to create a system which allows him to stay in perfect physical condition FROM HOME.

Get up
Pack a bag
Sit in traffic
Park your car
Sign in
Work out
Back in the car
Back into traffic

It simply takes TOO LONG.

Its a waste of time and a waste of energy and very expensive.

Wouldnt it be better if you could wake up at 8:30 and be finished training by 9am from HOME with less than 50dollars of equipment?

This allows you to be showered and ready to go at 9am while also getting in perfect shape.

You will be more motivated to work out knowing it is quick and you see FAST results.

Everybody has 20mins a day to spare, not everybody has 3 hours for the entire gym fiasco.

This course will change your body. Build muscle, lose fat, and finally have the body of professional athletes with tips and tricks from a kickboxing WORLD CHAMPION.


By far the best course of yours I’ve taken is the fitness course.

It's simplicity and convenience makes it better than any workout I've ever done, taking into account travel time, number of workouts and efficiency.

Because I don't have to worry about sharing a machine or weights with a bunch of other people bullshitting in the gym miles away from home, I can place more attention on my own business.

For the workout itself, I'm familiar with burpees due to my military service. Using weights makes an intensive workout even after doing it consistently for two months.

I enjoy your workout course and I recommend it to everyone as often as I can.


I never had any clue that staying in supreme shape could be this easy. All you need is some basic equipment at a low budget and the willingness to work hard. No more 5+ hours of driving to the gym, waiting in line for equipment or machines to be ready and getting accosted by people who want to 'help you get in shape'. This program can be done from your bedroom. Half an hour or so of intense workout and you're ready to conquer the world. A big thumbs up!


Very applicable ways to work out. Everyone can do it with very little cost in their own room. Tate talks from his own experience.


looks simple but it breaks your body in a good way. Doing it for 4 days now, feeling good.


After recently starting a company i was finding it difficult to make time for the gym and still paying £60 a month, so I cancelled the membership and brought this program with a 10% discount code so the program cost me about £12 with the savings. Its a  absolute no brainer! I'm now a week in to the program saving my self hours a day and hundreds a year while also getting back in shape fast!


I’ve been working out for the better part of 2 decades, lifting for about 12 years and in what most would consider decent shape.

I’ve tried 4 of @AJA_Cortes programs, 70’s Big and Wolverine being my favorites.
However, I travel 14-16 days a month for work and needed a workout that was simple and could be done no matter how bad the hotel gym was.
Enter the pure evil that is @OfWudan’s simple yet brutal workout. It can be done in your hotel room, it will leave you a soaked mess and best of all it works.
I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks now, every day and have retained all my muscle mass while losing 5lbs and noticeably leaned out. I’ve been using an 80% fat/protein macro and 18/6 IF window.

My wife has lost over 10lbs using the same.
It’s brutal but it’s effective. If you travel and need something you can stick to no matter what, get this workout plan.

If you don’t? Get it anyways and do it for a month just to toughen up.


Fantastic value for this price from a world champion athlete. Well explained both fitness and nutrition aspects. In this world and age, everybody is trying to make thinks way more complicate than they have to be. Andrew is not this kind of man and you can expect maximum efficiency from him. Great product!


Tate delivers with a simple, brutal and effective program.

Each workout comes with a bonus meditation session: at the end of the last set, when you're so exhausted, you don't even want to think.
Follow up with a cold shower. Best feeling on earth.

Get the program and enjoy.


Simple yet incredibly effective. If you thought you are fit, I am sure you will be surprised.

As I am currently studying movements, fitness and anatomy I can attest to the effectiveness of the method in the course. Your entire body gets worked out for a nice natural growth. If you just want big biceps for the club go somewhere else.
I also like the fact that it is scalable to the level of strength you are currently at, and I don’t think you can ever reach a limit where it gets too easy.

Please warm up first !


Simple. No BS. Killer workouts.

I've been working out for over a decade and this is by far the most effective workout plan I've ever done. Strength and cardio in one. I do it at home, listen to music I want to listen to and am done in 10-15 minutes depending on how hard I push.

Plus, this program can literally be done anywhere with the smallest amount of equipment.

If you're a beginner and are unsure where and how to start getting fit, do yourself a favor and get this program.

TFP will whip you into shape in no time. Not only that it will absolutely strengthen your mind as well. You'll be amazed how far you can push yourself with Tate's Fitness Program.


This course is really powerful.

I was never fat, i was always weak. Now, people are noticing im getting big. From my calves to my traps. I've never been this strong in my life & it happened quickly.

I feel better than ever & the workout takes me 30 minutes. Thats my favorite part of it.


Gonna put simple for you guys. You need to get this course right now. No reason for you not to.

Especially if your in the USA. We are all out of shape. I no longer am , thanks to this genius course. Get it NOW

Rich Rubio

Simple. Efficient. Challenging.

This is a no-no sense program that does exactly as it says, and gets your workout in while opening time up to go about your day.

In its simplicity, also lies challenge. I use this now constantly while on the road for work, cannot praise enough.


This was the 2nd course I purchased from Cobratate. After the PHD course, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong to get his fitness course as well. I mean, how can you not go wrong learning the routine that a 4X world champion kickboxer does to keep in top shape? I knew it was going to be a challenging routine and I welcomed it. It gives a no nonsense, straight to the point advice about exactly what to do to get yourself in amazing shape. Be forwarded though, this is unlike any other training that you have seen or tried before. Apply It for yourself and you will transform your mind and body into something that you will certainly be proud of. Get it!!


Fantastic program. Takes care of both cardio AND strength training.

No more driving/running to the gym, signing in, sharing equipment, etc. Just roll out of bed and get it done in 20 minutes (and sometimes even quicker)

It’s simple, too. No more obsessing over every dietary detail, every technique, weight progression, etc. Just a few key movements are all you need put on muscle.

If you need a fast, simple, and efficient way to put on muscle, buy the Tate Fitness Program. It’s a quick workout with quick results.


I bought this course as an addition to the original Tate Fitness Program. This is exactly what you’re looking for if you want to have a fitness training routine that you can do quickly at home and get results that are just as good, if not better than you would get going to a gym. Saves so much time and money.
Plus, you will find yourself much more motivated to train because of the variety of routines offered in this course in addition to the results you will definitely see and feel.

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