Covert Information Extraction

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If you have vision and access to light…Then in as little as one hour a day…You too can master the covert perception of conversation



If you have vision and access to light…Then in as little as one hour a day…You too can master the covert perception of conversation.

This real-life superpower grants you access to every conversation in the room.

Regardless of how loud the room is. Immune to white noise.

You simply read the lips of the speaker directly.

Imagine reading the lips of suited men in high-level establishments, as the world’s most important business is whispered amongst the elite.

Negate the effects of the piano which is deliberately designed to mask the conversations.

Imagine reading the lips of two women at the bar, introducing yourself and instantly joining the conversation.

“OMG, How did you know what we were talking about?”

Imagine looking through panes of glass to the car beside you in traffic, and “hearing” the woman on the phone talk to her secret lover.

Imagine the world of information which will become open to you.

Understand that knowledge is POWER.

IVAN THRONE lipreads with a measured accuracy in excess of 90%.

All of the scenarios above are easily achievable when you master the lip reading skill.

This truly is a superpower.

Here’s What You’re Getting:
Access to online training for covert perception mastery. You’ll be privy to the ONLY training on the planet that teaches you to read lips purely for the purpose of COVERT INFORMATION EXTRACTION.

This training is specifically designed to give you an unfair edge over competitors in both business and dating.

Have you ever met another man with this skill?


People believe the loud piano can mask their truths.

That the pane of glass will prevent anybody from eavesdropping on their lies.

It will never even CROSS THEIR MIND that anyone within visible range can extract the information directly from their mouths.

Their lips deceive them.

Nothing is safe.

This is why it’s a superpower.

Gain Access To Any Conversation:
You’ll start by learning how to spot the most important and keywords from a sentence. When you follow the simple, yet proven system – you will quickly understand how to extract the most important words and “fill in the blanks”

Create A Commanding Presence:
After mastering the keyword identification. You will learn how to fill in the blanks. Despite different accents or smiling faces.

You will also learn tips and tricks to get people to look at you, from far away so you can read their lips easier.

A subtle way to attract their attention while they speak on the phone, they will give their conversation to you without even realising.


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