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The TATE body language program allows you to understand some very important secrets. Body language is how humans cooperate without speaking. Evolutionary and extremely important – it’s how every person judges you before you speak a word. After travelling to 72 countries, being attacked, obtaining beautiful women, being a world level fighter and much more – Tate has learnt how to perfectly use body language to his advantage.

The TATE body language program allows you to understand some very important secrets.

Body language is how humans cooperate without speaking.
Evolutionary and extremely important – it’s how every person judges you before you speak a word.

After travelling to 72 countries, being attacked, obtaining beautiful women, being a world level fighter and much more – Tate has learnt how to perfectly use body language to his advantage.

You will learn:
– The secrets to being trusted and listened too.
– How to speak convincingly and be believed.
– How to lie.
– The correct way to stand, act and use your hands to attract females.
– How to make it clear to men, you are not an easy target.
– How to intimidate
– The best way to sit during an argument, or a business meeting.


– FREE EMAIL SUPPORT. Email specific questions about situations and have the Master G Andrew Tate answer within 24 hours.


Andrew Tate is world champion Kickboxer who has been to 72 countries ranging from Iraq to Iceland. You can see some of his adventures on

Stabbed twice. Jumped multiple times. Dating beautiful women everywhere he goes – he has learnt some super important body language tricks that can make the difference between getting the girl or not getting the girl.

Between staying alive or being a victim.

You only have one chance at life, and how you portray yourself to other people has a profound effect on every relationship.

If you want to be OBEYED TRUSTED AND RESPECTED this is the course for you.

This course will change how other people view you, and how you view yourself – FOREVER


Tate breaks it down like no one else. Very straightforward and to the point. No time wasted which I like. Very powerful and applicable. Just finished the body-language course. Top notch too. This stuff is legit. Money well spent.


An upgraded and weaponized Body Language instruction with unique tips from a generational embodiment of this art in action. No matter what you learned before, you will undoubtedly find a fresh outlook and masterful tactics to apply in your own life. Tate shows, tells and teaches the basics and reasoning for Body Language, evolving into more detailed and serious advice you will be able to apply in your everyday instantly. Hijack this mindset and become a better communicator.


I realized about 5 years ago the importance of appearance. It started with a haircut, following the military rules but right on the line. People took notice. I'm 5'10", so I bulked up to 180. Again I noticed people interacted differently with me.

I got a new job that required business wear.I went big with Suit Supply and Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. I looked fantastic, and again people noticed. I read "Appearance of Power" by Tanner Guzy and it all began to make sense.

With this in mind, I thought why do I need a course on how to sit or stand?

I'd found Andrew Tate through several people I’d met and trusted. I was a bit incredulous, but he seemed to approach life like I did. So I watched a few videos. I enjoyed his views, and we seemed to share a similar outlook on life.

His course on "How to Attract Women" and his War Room were spectacular so I decided to try out the "Body Language" course and was not disappointed.

What I discovered was the most rare of instructors, and I should know. I taught Men to fly the C17 and 757 in every condition on earth, including Antarctica and over 1600 hours in combat both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He teaches beyond knowledge, beyond experience, to the level of analysis. Most teachers stick to understanding and remembering. This difference is subtle but important.

It’s how I taught pilots to fly in hellish conditions after 24hrs with no sleep. I can’t prepare you for everything you’ll see, but I can give you a mindset that will solve any problem you face. That is exactly what Andrew does with this course.

The course was nothing I didn’t know, most of it was things I was already doing, it was however exactly what I needed to hear someone say out loud. By teaching to the level of understanding, Andrew frees his students to evaluate and create. He teaches you why it works.

An hour after I watched the course it worked flawlessly as I strode into a table at a busy bar and was served instantly.

I thought I didn't need this course and I was wrong.


Show, don't tell. How do you show others what you're about without saying a word? Are you looking to be the alpha, own the room, be liked by everyone and improve your life? Then buy this course right now.

Tate explains everything without wasting any time. You'll start noticing your posture, things you do wrong and how to change them immediately.

You'll start noticing how people perceive you, and your life will improve to levels you didn't believe existed.

Dylan Madden

For years I struggled with weak body language and communicating clearly. Then out of desperation I started fixing myself. Fast forward to getting Andrew's body language course and it not only would've saved me time had I gotten it years ago.

But it also taught me a few things that I wasn't aware of.

If you want to command respect from your friends, women, and more importantly with making more money. Get this course as it's rock solid and can be used to get results as soon as you're done.


Forget all the wannabee body language courses. This one is the real deal.

By real deal, what I mean is:

- It's backed up by loads of experience, trial and error, and what works best for Tate. Someone who's been all around the world, and has a ridiculous understanding of the variance in different countries
- He's teaching this stuff straight to you, face-to-face. No fluff. He doesn't waste your time. Every second of the course is raw knowledge
- He provides an understanding of the "why". There may have been times in your personal past where you were experimenting with something related to body language, and you realized it worked it extremely well, but you weren't sure why. This course will tell you that.
- This is not a "situational" course.
"Well, I'm in this kind of environment and..."
It doesn't matter.
This stuff tailors to many situations.
- This stuff isn't just about improving your body language, but about improving your character. Effective engagement with people you meet. Understanding why people "make it" quicker than others.

Maybe you're thinking of buying someone an expensive dinner this next week. Instead, buy this course, learn the technique, and have them pay for your dinner the following weekend, using the technique here.

It's that simple, and that powerful.


This course is by far, one the most valuable. As Tate describes it, and how it obviously is, body language is the oldest and most universally understood language known to man. This being the case. you NEED to know the principles that govern it, and how to make it work for you.

This course opened my eyes A LOT to the simple mistakes I had been making daily and how to correct, and furthermore why they were mistakes in the first place. Immediately, and that is not hyperbole, you will immediately see the difference, in your surroundings, how people perceive you and act around you when your body reflects the truth that is in your mind- that you are Alpha, and that its time for the world to recognize it.

The only thing I was was different is to have found this course sooner. You only value what you pay for, and you only learn from the things you value. Buy this course. Change your life.


Tate’s body language course is top tier. Not only will you learn how to use your body language effectively, but you will learn how to become a man that naturally conveys these traits without trying or thinking about it. And that’s where the real value is.


So I bought the Body Language course mainly to use it to improve my body language further in sales.

The course is great. It is one hour of pure knowledge from Mr. Plenty himself and two interesting smaller inputs from him and Tristan. There are also updates coming in the future.

What I really like about it is that it focuses on broader concepts, explaining the mindset behind it and adding in a couple of actionable tweaks and tricks.

Buy the course!

PS: Most impressing is the given opportunity to get in touch with Tate himself. It is truly impressing how quick he responds!


I gained lots of insights from this course. I consider this course a MUST because the concepts discussed here absolutely impact every moment of your life when you are dealing with people. Very well explained. Invaluable lessons for any man of stature.


The body language teachings in this course are exceptional. I learned the right tweaks and mentality to upgrade the way I am perceived by the people around me.

I will continue with my strength and martial arts training to improve further and compound on the value I have received with this course.


Need an edge on how to act around important people?

Get the course.

I learned excellent skills that changed my dynamic with both higher up and lower down individuals.


This is a MUST HAVE course.

Too many people are walking around with a target on their back... Are you one of them?

You will learn to carry and present yourself effectively when you enter a room. This course will help you fix both big and little mistakes in your non-verbal communication.

Take action.

George SL

The body language course to end all body language courses.

It starts with the fundamentals, does not waste any time on cliches or BS, and covers everything you can think of whether you are in a work environment, on a date, or in the club.

Andrew and Tristan demonstrate what they talk about with their uncut, energetic, convincing hours-long talk. Pure gold.


Advice is actionable and lessons are applicable.
Harsh truth is spoken.
And Tate's energy is off the charts as always!
If i knew what was in this course and price was triple i would still have bought it.

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