In a previous life, I lived 5000 human years atop Wudan mountain.

I remember every lived second. Life is competition. Competition is violence.

In many modern forms of competition we have attempted to water down the violent aspects, to replicate violence in the most sanitised way.

We have full grown men, growing as large and strong as possible - to put a ball in a net, as opposed to hurting each other. But the sentiment is the same. It’s a group of men at war with another - with one team being victors. And the other being losers.

The largest, strongest, most beautiful tree. Violently crushed the surrounding saplings, in the quest for resource.

Every time I see beauty, I see the struggle required to create it. When I see myself, I know the struggle lived to become who I am. To live as I do.

The more sophisticated my understanding of the universes state of constant war - the happier, more content and peaceful I feel.

You are MEANT to struggle. You are here to SUFFER.

If you do neither of these things, you are either dead or invisible. If you want people to care who you are - become familiar with pain. If you do not struggle to become an exceptional man. You are a nobody. And every female will prove to you - you may as well not exist.

Evolution requires PAIN. While others complain they do not feel happy enough, I’m happy I’m struggling. I don’t want to be happy. I want to be great. This is the beauty of life as a MAN.

We are born valueless. And you either build yourself into a King - or you fail. Atop Wudan, I told priest master Yan Hui, how at peace I felt amongst the trees. I could feel life all around me.

Sitting at the foot of the largest tree, I asked him. “When life is so beautiful, why do we fight?”

His reply was simple. “Do you think the largest tree you sit beneath, grew so tall amongst many, if it didn’t fight?”

Such is the way of Wudan.



Every Tale of Wudan Animation is made using the Artificial Intelligence technology methods taught inside THE REAL WORLD.