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March 3, 2021

Male or female. If you’re in the top 1% you’ll have a good life and if broke you’ll have a shit life.

Rich men and women use the strengths of their gender effectively.

Poor men and women have their gender traits exploited. Eg coal mine or prostitution.

Middle or low income men and women arguing about how hard it is as a man or a woman should really be understanding this divide is cultivated by the ultra powerful and rich.

Along with race divide.

And any divide.

To stop poor people understanding who the true enemy is.

women complain about men having power it will never resonate with men.

The 1% men have power.

99% of men work shitty or dangerous jobs for low pay.

Deemed a failure for not being a millionaire at 25.

Forced to settle for women who would fuck an NBA star behind their back.

March 2, 2021

SHOWING the most emotion doesn't mean you FEEL the most emotion.

And showing less emotion doesn't mean you feel less.

Stone faced men feel pain.

Very often more pain than the crying and screaming.

Emotional control isn't lack of emotion. Its a necessary function of maturity.

March 1, 2021

Most people are desperate for calm. 

“I just wanna relax on the beach”

I enjoy chaos. Give me a rough sea. 

Give me 9 companies and 8 girlfriends and stress and tears and fights and super cars. 

I don’t WANT to relax. 

This is the biggest reason I’m rich.

February 28, 2021

Women are emotional.

Everything about them - who they’re loyal too, what they prioritise, how they rationalise - changes along with their emotions.

They have no base instinct of duty regardless of how they currently FEEL. 

FEELINGS change.

You can’t trust them completely.