For the first 1000 years atop Wudan mountain, I was tasked with fetching water from the stream at its base.

The walk would take many days, and occasionally Master Po would accompany me and ask me questions about Zen.

This particular night, as we approached the stream, stood the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was standing, unable to cross a puddle of mud in fear of staining her Pearl silk robe.

I was always warned to stay away from beautiful women. They distract you from inner rage. They tame your soul with sparkling eyes and it is impossible to be completely lethal when indulging in their beauty.

Therefore for the next 4000 years of training, I would never feel a womans touch. As supreme grandmaster of Wudan mountain, Master Po’s desire for women died many thousand years before.

She screamed out to us for help, and without a smile or saying a word, Master Po helped her across the mud and she was on her way.

I contemplated for many years before I finally spoke out: “Master! It was only mud, she could have crossed herself. She was lazy and vain. Why did you carry her?“

He smiled and replied: “It has been all those years while she has plagued your thoughts and you think you have not carried her?“

Such is the way of Wudan.



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