I cant stop eating this shit.
It’s  Tate.
And that’s what it is, shit. Bad for me. But I CAN NOT RESIST it.
I am a master of mental control. A student of wudan. Possibly, if not probably, the greatest human to have ever existed, yet I can not control myself around THIS stuff.
Its not because of how it tastes. Its because it reminds me of a time I was extremely happy.
Maybe 7 years ago I was in Paris, preparing to fight for my second world title.
The man I was fighting had beat me before. I broke my hand in the 2nd round, I continued to fight all 8 rounds with one hand and lost on points.
I told him he was lucky. He called me a liar.
The rematch was important.
Plus this time there was a world title on the line, as we had both decimated our previous opponents.
It was the day before the fight. The weight cut.
Unless you have fought professionally you have NO IDEA how painful cutting weight is. Its the worst part of fighting, worse than training, worse than fighting. Its pure torture.
I would have to lose around 10kilos (22lbs) and I was already extremely low bodyfat from the fight camp.
It was mainly water. You would sit in a sauna and not drink. shrivel and die. Suffer. Feel dizzy and weak. Eat or drink nothing for around 3 days. Hours and hours in saunas.
To this day I can not recreationally enjoy a sauna. They are torture chambers in my mind forever.
Then you would turn up to the weigh in with a brave face on. After weigh-inn you would drink and eat as much as
you could to restore strength before fighting the next day.
Its a process I never really mastered. Fucked up a few times and my performance suffered accordingly. Some fights were alot harder than they needed to be, purely because I felt weak from a bad weight cut. It seemed to be different every single time.
It was hell.
SO, on this day 7 years ago, its 8am.
My weighing was midday.
I have another 2 kilo to lose and I’m sitting downstairs in
the hotel lobby waiting for the taxi to go to the sauna.
And I see some fat french fuck, with a huge tall glass of water (I would have killed for water) and a jar of this
spread. Spreading it thick onto toast and shoving it in his disgusting pig face.
I was so hungry and so thirsty and INSANELY jealous.
I wanted that. Water and this spread id never even tried. I wanted it BADLY.
I remember watching and thinking to myself –
“Tomorrow, when all of this is over, Im going to eat 2 jars of that shit. Whatever it is.
Maybe, I will sit and stuff my face with that shit for hours.
And ill do so with a world title belt next to me. As a winner.
As a champion.
And I swear to god ill be the happiest man in the world”
That was my genuine thought, sitting, miserable waiting for
my taxi.
The rematch was tough, this little Frenchman had an exceptionally hard head. I caught him clean, but he kept coming. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the french are
cowards. Go and fight one. They’re arrogant bastards who would rather die than lose to anyone flying over from England. I assure you.
You can see a few clips from the rematch here, starting at 2mins and 20seconds: https://vimeo.com/168821723
I broke his cheekbone with a front kick. Pounded his body
with kicks. Broke his jaw with left hooks. He never quit. I was known as a power puncher, I finished with a 86% KO record. But this fucker was hard.
A 5 x french champion. He was prepared to get hurt to win.
He survived, barely. And after 12 rounds I won on points.
To this day I feel like crying when I watch that clip.
Vindicated for the loss. A two time world champion. All my nerves and fear and worry, gone.
The feeling after a fight is like getting the all clear from cancer. ALL THE WORRY YOU HAD, is now gone. And it all worked out perfectly.
Its cloud 9. Cant explain it. Do it yourself to find out.
And when I woke up the next day I ATE SO MUCH OF
7 years later, I cant stop eating the junk. Because it reminds me of how I FELT.
So whats the lesson here?
The lesson is that emotion rules everything. Emotion is the key to success in the world.
You can not become a robot. You are not a robot. You can not think:
I must gym.
I must work.
Robot must succeed.
BUT, you can train yourself to use emotions to your
I have trained myself to be miserable without achievement.
 If I look back on the day and I’ve achieved fuck all, I am
unhappy. This is something I have self taught.
I genuinely get angry and pissed off if I haven’t made thousands of dollars and trained hard physically EVERY SINGLE DAY.
If I’ve completed my training program and made money and worked on new companies, I am happy.
EMOTION RULES. And EVERYONE wants to be happy, therefore – I always complete my work. Its my path to
happiness. Why would I be lazy if it leads to misery?
People say, how do you have so much money?
I say, how can I NOT have so much money, when the only thing that makes me happy is HARD WORK AND
DEDICATION.How can I not be built like GOD when the idea of NOT training makes me miserable?
Imagine you WANTED to train. Imagine you WANTED to
work. Imagine how amazing your body and financials would be?
This is the power of emotion.
This is the basis of what I teach
I don’t teach you to become a robot. I teach you to become a person full of love and happiness.
But to have these emotions triggered in the right way, by the right things, to ensure success is unavoidable.
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