When our father died we had just moved to Romania 2 weeks before.

We were living in hotels and had a gang of 7 webcam models with us.

These women became hysterical.

They wanted to go home and see their own parents. One even wanted to go see her dog before her dog died.

There was no real sympathy for my brother and I, but what can you expect from such emotionally driven creatures?

We had two choices…
Go to my fathers funeral and let our business fall apart and let our girls go home, then start again after the ceremony was over.
Or stay and continue business as usual.

My father loved the fact that we were making money, most of all he loved that we were taking care of my mother, and ensuring that she never had to work again.

There was no room for crying or falling apart.

As men we don’t get this luxury.

We had to maintain an Iron mind.

“Iron Mind”

Isn’t some clever marketing term, but a phrase my brother and I have used to describe out mindset for most of our adult lives.

The ironic part is that this mindset was installed in us by my father in the first place.

I knew had he been in the car during our discussion he would have slapped us both for even considering abandoning the business to make time for a funeral.

This is one of the responsibilities laid upon us as men, and if you cannot maintain an Iron Mind in the harshest of times, eventually life is going to break you down.

Develop an Iron Mind here.

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