People often message me saying money doesn’t buy happiness.
Or, that there’s more to life than money.
When I get these messages, I just think their selfish.
For example.
A few years ago — I phoned my Mum, asked her how much she made, then told her she now makes double. And to quit her job.
A few years ago, a kickboxer friend of mine needed surgery IMMEDIATELY. He put a Go Fund me up. For 4k.
Me and T donated the 4k.
And just today, my Mum needed new tires — so we sent her the money over.
Listen, this is what money can provide.
There is that feeling you get when your mum needs anything in the world and you can provide it without even a second of hesitation.
That’s happiness.
And that’s why you’re selfish to not want lots of it.
And I show you how got it all, here and here.
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